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How do I Prepare for NEET in the Last 2 Weeks?

By Madhurashree BhatOctober 09, 2020
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Soon the prestigious exam NEET - The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG) is going to be conducted. This exam is very important for the students studying Biology as it will help them to get the best college for pursuing higher studies after they pass 12th Class.

  • Now, as only 2 weeks are left for the exam to happen and the number of days is decreasing, the preparation for the test should be the main concern among the aspirants. While doing exam preparations, it is obvious that students will have to go through a lot of stress and panic, especially when only 2 weeks are left. If you’re also panic by thinking about how to prepare for NEET in the last 2 weeks, then you must relax yourself and read this article.

Tips to Prepare for NEET in the Last 2 Weeks

Even if you feel you have prepared enough for the exam, you are still suggested to go through the NEET last week’s preparation ways, as the following tips may improve your score. You might encounter some tips that you may not have given attention to!

Keep Your Concepts Crystal Clear

Candidates are required to keep their concepts very clear from the start, as having any reasonable doubts throughout the NEET 2021 last week preparation will hamper the aspirants’ performance during the test. If any candidate is facing some concept issues, then those are required to be solved at the earliest because, as they won’t get much time throughout last week preparation for NEET 2021.

Also, do not begin any new topics from the course while preparing in the last week of NEET because at this time what has been learned earlier, needs to be cleared and polished frequently.

Revision is a Must

During the last week of NEET preparation, the revision  plays a serious role in boosting the extent of preparation. A daily revision of NEET ideas can facilitate aspirants in maintaining the canvass of the study.

  • Revising using the short notes can prove to be very useful as by having handy notes, you can revise the topics during any time of the day and any place during the NEET last week preparation.

  • To revise the complete chapter, use the pointers of formulas and ideas and revise from quick notes of NEET.

With the strategic revision strategy for the NEET last two-week preparation, you can track your performance in a better way.

Practice a Lot 

If you want to excel the NEET exam, then during last week’s preparation, the concept clarity has to be achieved, and that can be done by practising the problems on a regular basis.

Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Revise previous years’ question papers or choose mock tests offered by various coaching institutes.

By solving a lot of and a lot of problems throughout the last week of NEET preparation, you will be able to learn the concept of time management for the test. On NEET exam day, even if one knows all the questions, not knowing time management can cost the candidate a lot of marks.

Improve Your Speed to Solve

“Too much hurry will bury your goals. Too much haste will make you waste. Too quickly a race will cripple your pace. Be patient.” quote by Israelmore Ayivor has everything to say!

Keeping this quote in mind, you must boost the speed of solving the problems, however not mistaken it with haste, as making an attempt to unravel the question in a hurry land you marking wrong answers in OMR sheets.

So during the last two week of NEET preparation, focus on boosting your speed of solving the process for most of the questions within the stipulated time.

Keep All Necessary Documents Handy

Aspirants undergo a lot of stress during NEET preparation and hence tend to forget the necessary documents at the examination centre on the exam day.

While preparing for NEET, the necessary documents are to be taken care of because if failed to hold any of the documents, the candidate won't be allowed to appear for the NEET test.

Listed below are the Important Documents:

  • NEET admit card with passport size photograph mounted on it.

  • One passport size photograph.

  • Valid original identity proof

  • PWD certificate, (if applicable)

  • One postcard size (4” X 6”) coloured photograph with white background glued on the proforma downloaded with the admit card (that would be needed to hand over to the proctor of the examination hall.)

Keep Your Body Healthy

Having stress calls for unwanted anxiety and isn't a good thing to have throughout the last two-week preparation for the NEET exam. Candidates should keep themselves self-motivated by thinking about their goals and why they wanted to pursue medicine as their future career.

Health should also be taken care of along with the peace of mind during the NEET preparation. For that, they can perform small exercises, do yoga, eat fresh fruits, and drink fresh juice. A healthy mind will tend to solve the question with a lot of potencies because it will improve the concentration level.


If you follow these tips and strategy, you can prepare for the NEET 2021 exam in the last two week efficiently and strategically. Stay calm and focused to excel in NEET 2021 exam.

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