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Reasons Why Government Medical Colleges are Every Aspirant’s First Preference

By Puja RoySeptember 07, 2022
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Study to save lives” is the motto of every medical student. Many students aspire to get admission into the government colleges of India every year because of the high expenses of medical research in private colleges. Therefore, knowing the benefits of choosing a government medical college over private colleges is very important. Along with the reasonable medical fees, several other factors make government medical colleges a top priority for the aspirants. 

Candidates selected in these medical colleges learn about several diseases during their course of study, including their pathophysiology, diagnosis, causes, and therapy. They are introduced to different research methods related to a particular disease. They are made familiar with every muscle, vein, artery, nerve, and other human body organs.

Government Medical Colleges: Why are They Every Aspirant’s Priority.

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Dive Deeper - Why Government Medical College is a Priority?

One of the main reasons for considering government medical colleges over private colleges is the drastic difference between the course fees. An MBBS degree in government colleges costs between INR 50,00 and 1 lakh every semester whereas, if you pursue this course at a private medical college, you can expect the course fee to be highly expensive. As a result, the majority of students chose to study medicine in government or semi-government institutions.

Apart from providing reasonable course fees, government colleges such as AIIMS also receive around 10,000 cases every day, which as a result, will provide additional study opportunities and practical knowledge to the students. You can find a variety of cases and patients in government medical colleges, which will lead to more profound research and medical expertise. Government Medical Colleges are more popular in India because they provide high-quality education at a reasonable cost.

When we look at the rankings in our country, we can see that government medical schools are ranked higher than private schools since they employ higher-ranking and more highly educated doctors and professors.

Students are also taught by highly qualified professionals with years of experience in medical research, who guide them in every step in their journey of a medical study.

5 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Government Medical College Over Private

  1. When it comes to practice, private medical institutions are better and appear more interesting, owing to the fact that they are not as busy as government institutions. Government colleges are advantageous since the healthcare system is adequate, allowing you to cope with urgent issues that are uncommon in private universities. Instructors are incomparable and exceptional; the only difference is that private institutions are more adaptive to emerging technologies.

  2. Private institutions have higher costs, whereas it is comparatively less in government colleges. Private institutions charge between 30 and 40 lakhs for a 5-year MBBS degree, whilst public colleges charge approximately 50k each year, requiring students to commit less money. 

  3. You will see a range of patients with unique and odd conditions at the public university, which will help you improve your functional areas. 

  4. Money is a major factor in the discrepancy between the two industries. Medical schools run by the government are either free or have a very reasonable course fee. A private medical college, on the other hand, is rather expensive. 

  5. The gap between the two sectors is accentuated by the fact that more than 75% of students from government medical colleges are admitted on the basis of NEET and other state-level medical entrance exams. The qualified candidates are also granted scholarships on their course fees, which is a plus point for all the students who cannot afford the cost of private institutions. 


Government medical colleges are less expensive and have a lower price structure than private medical institutions. Compared to private institutions, where a large number of patients dwell, the patient burden at public universities is significantly larger.

Seats in private colleges with public quotas indicate that the government of a particular state has control over the seats of the state's private universities. Their tuition fee is far less than that of regular student fees. In private colleges, public quota admission prices for an MBBS course are fixed at Rs. 4 lakhs, compared to roughly a crore in private universities. All India Quota (AIQ) seats are reserved for 15% of seats in each MBBS public university, for which the Medical Guidance and Counseling Council shall consult (MCC). 

FAQs on Reasons Why Government Medical Colleges are Every Aspirant’s First Preference

1. What is the difference between an MBBS graduate of a private medical college and a government medical college?

There is no such difference between an MBBS graduate of a private medical college and a government medical college; it’s the student's choice to opt for one among both. They all read the same subjects, practice the same skills, and identify the same illnesses in both types of institutions. 

2. Are private medical colleges better than government medical colleges?

Not all private medical schools are better than all public medical schools, and vice versa. Each college has its own set of standards, resources, and aspirational students. Many government institutions have inadequate facilities, and students are unable to learn the most up-to-date technology at their under-resourced hospitals. On the other hand, some good private institutions provide students with all of the necessary learning resources.

3. What is the difference between a private and a government medical college?

Government medical schools are generally ranked higher than private schools. Getting into government colleges is also tougher because there is a lot of competition. Money is a major factor in the discrepancy between the two industries, government colleges are way cheaper than private ones.

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