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7 Reasons Why Online Coaching Is Better When It Comes to One Year Preparation for NEET 2023

By Satabdi MazumdarAugust 19, 2022
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Clearing the NEET 2023 examination with a year’s preparation may seem impossible. After all, NEET is one of the hardest competitive examinations in India. For students to score well and get placed in the top institutes around the country, people often say that they need to prepare for at least 2-3 years. Many argue that students should use their higher secondary classes to start preparing for NEET, and only then can they comfortably crack NEET. However, that statistic is not entirely true.

Preparing for 2-3 years or even just a single year, the approach of the student and the guidance that they get play an important role in deciding whether they can clear the examination or not. So, where do you get the best guidance, especially if you want to clear NEET 2023 with 1 year of preparation? Online coaching! As great as it is to have a teacher that you can physically interact with, there are many more benefits of online coaching than people realise. So, to help you learn about the benefits of online coaching, here are seven reasons why online coaching is the best approach to clear NEET 2023 with a year’s preparation.

NEET 2023: 7 Reasons Why Online Coaching Is Better for One Year Preparation
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7 Reasons Why Online Coaching is the Best Approach to Clear NEET 2023 With 1-Year Preparation

One important distinction you should keep in mind is to also find the right coaching after you understand the benefits of online coaching. The right guidance and examination planning are what make the difference between a failed and a successful NEET attempt. So, without delay, let’s explore the reasons why you should choose online coaching.

1. Your Classes Anytime Anywhere

This is one of the best reasons to choose online coaching for your NEET preparation. Obviously, when you are preparing, the more time you have, it’s going to be for the better. So, when you have decided to crack NEET 2023 with a year’s preparation, you have to make use of all the time you have. This ensures that you can cover the syllabus and prepare effectively for the examination. 

With online coaching, you have the ability to take your classes anytime, anywhere. You could save a lot of the time that would be spent travelling to and from your classes. You get freedom from the exhaustion that comes from travelling, and you get to channel all your energy into your preparation, creating a balance between your work and rest.

2. Just the Right Help You Need

When you are taking a class, it happens that sometimes you understand concepts taught by one teacher better than others. This is common and can be attributed to the teacher’s personal experience with the concept. When you are studying in offline classes, you don’t get the chance to change your teacher or even suggest that without taking admission to another class. That does not have to be with online coaching. 

Most online platforms today allow students to go through teachers as per their own volition to ensure that students are able to understand every topic to the best of their abilities. This practice allows students to find teachers that they can learn from easily, which is extremely important when you only have one year to prepare for a competitive exam like NEET.

3. Guidance on Planning and Scheduling

When you are preparing for NEET 2023, you will always have to be clear about your overall examination strategy. A winning strategy is what will help you crack the examination with a year’s preparation. But, students can’t really tell what works and what doesn’t until they themselves have cracked the examination. So, what should you do? You should take on online coaching. Why? This is because online coaching offers you both a top-down and a bottom-up view of your preparation schedule and your overall progress for your NEET 2023 preparations

This process helps you always be aware of the bigger picture and keep the focus on all subjects and topics equally. You also gain the ability to remember what you are working for and not lose sight of your goal when you are grinding with your textbooks every day.

4. Practical Learning Experience

Online coaching allows you to use various computer technologies to get a practical learning experience. Most offline coaching classes don’t have the opportunity to offer you practical learning. Even if they do, the demonstrations are mostly only visual and do not involve you in particular. But, it’s different with online coaching. When you are learning from your own device, you have the ability to go through the experience of practical learning personally, and that can definitely help you understand concepts better. When you understand your concepts better, your confidence improves, which will, in turn, improve your examination performance helping you crack NEET 2023.

5. Ability to Get Your Doubts Cleared Whenever and Wherever

When you go for offline coaching, you can only get your doubts cleared in class. But, what happens when you are studying at home, and you come across a doubt? You have to note it down to remember it and then go to your class the next day in the hopes of getting it solved. This process is old and not very effective. 

Today, with online coaching, students have the ability to get their doubts cleared whenever they arise. No matter if you are self-studying or if you are in class. You can always get your doubts cleared to help you progress as fast as possible. However, it should be noted that to get this feature, you have to sign up with top online coaching platforms like Vedantu.

6. Regular Assessments to Monitor Your Progress

Online coaching helps you in many ways, but most so in helping you unlock your full potential for your NEET attempt. Online coaching has the ability to monitor your performance over regular assessments and then your performance to figure out your strong and weak suits. This can help you learn about your weaknesses, which you can then strengthen with the guidance of your teachers. This process is very effective in helping you improve your performance over time and crack NEET 2023.

7. Personalised Guidance to Help You Crack NEET 2023

Getting ready for NEET 2023 in a year is not a joke. It is safe to say that you, as the student, need to work very hard to ensure that you can cover the vast syllabus and appear for the examination confidently. Online coaching from top platforms like Vedantu, don’t just stop at teaching you the syllabus and hoping for the best. They go above and beyond to help you prepare to the best of your abilities and ensure that you improve your performance over time and eventually clear NEET 2023. The personalised approach to teaching is difficult in an offline setting, but when it comes to online coaching, personalised guidance is one of the best reasons why you should opt for it to prepare for NEET 2023.


So, these are seven reasons why you should opt for online coaching to clear NEET 2023 with a year’s preparation. Given all the benefits of online coaching, you have to also be careful in choosing your coaching. There are many options available today, not all of which are best suited to your interests in clearing NEET with a year’s preparation. So, when picking the online coaching for your NEET 2023 preparations, make sure you choose top platforms like Vedantu.

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