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Code of Conduct for NEET 2022

By Shiwani PandeySeptember 07, 2022
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The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test). Applicants seeking admission to medical/dental colleges across the country sit for this exam. There is a sharp increase in the number of students who apply and take the exam every year. To ensure the NEET is conducted safely, the NTA takes certain precautions. To avoid last-minute problems on the day of the exam, candidates need to adhere to the NEET 2022 new rules and dress code for males and females.

Guidelines for pre-exam, during the test, and after the test are included in the NEET regulations 2022. The candidate will be prevented from taking the exam if he or she is found engaging in any unfair or unwanted activities that could compromise the integrity of the exam. NEET rules and regulations for the year 2022 are provided in detail below.

NEET 2022 - Code of Conduct

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NEET 2022 - Exam Day Guidelines

On the day of the exam, candidates must follow the NEET 2022 guidelines. Here are some tips to help you avoid being disqualified:

  • To enter the examination hall without any hassle, candidates should arrive at the testing centre at least one hour before the reporting time.

  • Among the required documents to bring into the examination hall are the 2022 NEET admit card, passport size photographs, postcard size photographs, an official ID proof, and a disability certificate (if applicable).

  • At exam centres for NEET 2022, the authorities will not provide facilities for keeping belongings like wallets, watches, keys, mobile phones, etc.

  • The English translation will be considered final if the question cannot be understood in the language chosen.

  • Should a deviation be necessary (because of illness, etc.) the candidate must obtain NTA's approval before his/her Admit Cards are issued.


NEET 2022 - Dress Code Guidelines

Both male and female candidates are required to adhere to the NEET 2022 dress code. Candidates who wish to appear in their conventional dress will be given special guidelines in the information bulletin. In order to facilitate the security checks, candidates are advised to ensure that they have no prohibited items with them when entering the exam centre of NEET. Below is the specific NEET dress code 2022 for male and female candidates:

Dress Code for Male Candidates

  • COVID 19 safety guidelines stipulate that candidates must wear a mask and gloves during the examination.

  • In accordance with the NEET dress code, male candidates should wear half-sleeve shirts/T-shirts, as full-sleeve shirts are not permitted.

  • Candidates' clothing must be light, i.e. zip pockets, pockets, big buttons, and clothing with elaborate embroidery are not allowed.

  • The preferred NEET dress code 2022 for male candidates is trousers and simple pants. Kurta pyjamas are not permitted.

  • Shoes are not permitted in the examination hall. Candidates should wear sandals and chappals with thin soles.


Dress Code for Female Candidates

  • According to COVID 19 safety guidelines, female candidates must also wear a mask and gloves.

  • The NEET 2022 dress code for females prohibits candidates from wearing clothing with elaborate embroidery, flowers, brooches, or buttons.

  • On the day of the examination, no clothing with full-arm sleeves should be worn. According to the 2022 NEET dress code, female candidates should wear half-sleeved clothing.

  • The NTA NEET dress code prohibits women from wearing jeans with big pockets and fashionable designs. It is therefore advised that female candidates do not wear jeans on the day of NEET 2022.

  • 2022 NEET guidelines do not allow leggings.

  • In compliance with the dress code for females, palazzos are not permitted at 2022 NEET.

  • Shoes with thick soles and high heels should be avoided; instead, wear sandals or slippers. It is also permissible to wear footwear with low heels.

  • It is forbidden for female candidates to wear earrings, nose rings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, or anklets. The use of metal detectors can be an unnecessary hassle if the metal is found on the person.


NEET 2022 - Items Allowed Inside Examination Hall

Following is the list of items that are allowed inside the examination hall for NEET aspirants:

  • NEET admit card with passport size photo attached

  • Passport size photograph

  • Postcard size photograph attached to proforma downloaded with admit card

  • Govt. Authorised Photo ID proof – Aadhaar, Voter ID, Driving Licence, Passport, or Ration card

  • Mask on face

  • Gloves on hands

  • Personal small hand sanitiser (50 ml)

  • Transparent water bottle

  • Slippers or sandals.

NEET 2022 - Items Banned Inside Examination Hall

It is prohibited for candidates to bring the following items into the NEET exam hall. Furthermore, the centres will not provide any arrangements for keeping items belonging to students. Candidates found to be in possession of any of the prohibited items listed below will be deemed to have used unfair means according to NEET rules and regulations. There will be strict disciplinary actions taken against such candidates.

  • Textual material (printed or written), bits of paper, calculator, pen, scale, geometry or pencil Box, plastic pouch, pen drive, eraser, calculator, writing pad, log table, electronic pen/scanner etc.

  • Mobile phone, Bluetooth, earphones, health/fitness bands, microphones, pagers etc.

  • Wallet, goggles, handbags, belts, cap, etc.

  • Wristwatch, bracelet, camera, etc.

  • Metallic items.

  • Any eatable item, be it opened or packed.

  • Any other item that may be used for unfair means.

NEET 2022 - All About Filling the OMR Sheet

NEET OMR Sheets must be filled out following the following rules and regulations:

  • Blue or black pens are only allowed to be used on OMR answer sheets.

  • Marking bubbles with a pencil is strictly prohibited.

  • It is not acceptable to partially fill or mark bubbles outside the areas that have been demonstrated.

  • OMR answer sheets have four dots at the corners called "Index Points". You are not allowed to scribble around its area with a pen or pencil. The answer sheet that contains any scribbling will be rejected and debarred from being calculated.

  • Multiple bubbles marking is only allowed in the questions that specifically require multiple answers. In a single-choice question, if you mark more than one circle, it will be considered incorrect.

  • The OMR Sheet should not have any stray marks.

  • You should never pin it or staple it.

  • Punches and ties should never be used on OMR sheets.

  • An OMR sheet should never be folded.

We hope our blog cleared all your doubts regarding the code of conduct for NEET 2022. Prepare well and give your best shot at the examination for a seat in a top medical school. We wish all the candidates preparing for NEET 2022 all the best and hope they achieve success.

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