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CBSE New Curriculum: Changes Introduced for Classes 9 to 12

By Asmita KunduAugust 24, 2021
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CBSE Curriculum Changes for Class 9, 10, 11, 12

CBSE, in the latest set of announcements, has revealed that it has introduced significant changes to the curriculum of Class 9, 10, 11, 12. As per the new announcement, CBSE is inculcating major changes to the curriculum. The recent changes introduced to the curriculum will also impact students preparing for the different competitive exams post Class 12, such as the NEET, JEE or NDA. The four major domains in which the CBSE Board has announced changes for the CBSE curriculum include: i) Syllabus, ii) Examination pattern & Timelines, iii) Result Calculation, iv) Overall Assignment & Evaluation. Read about the major changes introduced by the CBSE with regards to the curriculum of Classes 9 to 12 below. 

Overview of CBSE Curriculum Changes in Syllabus

One of the major areas that the Board has decided to introduce change is the syllabus for Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12. The syllabi for all these classes have been rationalised for the 2021-22 school exams as well as Board exams. The board has also said that the syllabus for the 2021-22 academic session will be distributed into two terms. This will be done by following a systematic approach that will look into the interconnectedness of the topics and the concepts as per the suggestions of the subject experts. On the basis of the new bifurcated syllabus, the Board will also conduct term-end examinations. 

The syllabus of the various subjects in Classes 9 and 10 has been rationalised to be equally distributed between the Term 1 and Term 2 exams. For the Humanities stream of Classes 11 and 12, there has been no reduction in the syllabus, but the syllabus has been rationalised for the two term-end examinations. But in the case of Commerce and Science streams of Classes 11 and 12, the Board has removed certain chapters from the different subjects in addition to rationalising the syllabus in accordance with the two term-end examinations. 

At Vedantu, we have compiled the complete syllabus for Classes 9 through 12 in accordance with the latest changes in the curriculum. Check the complete details of the updated syllabus list for the CBSE different classes and streams by clicking on the links given below. 

Class IX 

Class X

Class XI & XII (Science)

Class XI & XII (Commerce)

Examination Pattern and Timeline Changes in the New CBSE Curriculum

The CBSE is also introducing a major change when it comes to conducting examinations for students of Classes 9 through 12. As per the changes announced, two examinations - Term 1 and Term 2 will be conducted for Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12. An overview of the timelines, examination pattern and conducting body for the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations is provided in the table below. 

Timelines: The syllabus for this Term 1 is expected to be completed by November post which the Term 1 examinations will be conducted between the months of November and December over a 4 to 8 weeks period. After the completion of Term 2, the Year-end or Term 2 examinations will be conducted by the Board in accordance with the prescribed syllabus. The timeline for the Term 2 examination will also be a 4-8 weeks period in the months of March-April 2022.

The schedule will be more flexible, keeping in mind the various CBSE affiliated schools across the country as well as abroad. The exact dates for conducting the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations will be notified accordingly. 

Exam Pattern: The Term 1 examinations for Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 will be objective type containing Multiple Choice Questions. The MCQs will be case-based and assertion-reason type questions from the rationalised syllabus. The duration of the examination will be 90 minutes. CBSE will send the question papers to the schools along with the marking pattern to be followed. 

The proposed exam pattern for the Term 2 or year-end examinations is different from that of the Term 1 exams. The Board has said that the Term 2 examination will be of 2 hours duration. The questions will be in different formats - situation based, case-based and open-ended (short answer/long answer) type. The CBSE Board has also maintained that in the case the situation is not conducive in order to conduct 2-hour examinations at the end of Term 2, it will conduct an MCQ based 90-minute examination for the students at the end of this term as well. 

CBSE Curriculum Changes - Exam Centre and Conducting Body

Who Will Conduct the Term 1 and 2 Exams?

Both the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations will be conducted under the strict supervision of Observers and External Centre Superintendents appointed by the CBSE. 

Where will the Exam Be Conducted? 

As per the information shared by the CBSE, while the Term 1 exams will be conducted at respective schools, the Term 2 or year-end examinations will most likely be conducted at designated centres affixed by the Board. 

Result Calculation As Per the New CBSE Curriculum

As per CBSE, Term 2 will have slightly more weightage than Term 1. The exact weightage for each term in the final results will be announced later by the board.

Term 1 or Term 2 - Which Exam is More Important? 

With the introduction of two term-end examinations, students may be under the impression that perhaps the Term 1 exam is not as important as Term 2 and it would be sufficient to study for the latter only. However, this is not the case. Students must carefully note that both the Term 1 and Term 2 examination will equally contribute towards result calculation. The marks obtained at the Term 1 as well as Term 2 examination would contribute towards the final scores obtained by the students. It is, therefore, important that students thoroughly prepare for both the term-end exams. 

CBSE New Curriculum: Overall Assignments And Evaluation

For students of Classes 9 to 12, schools will be required to conduct internal assessments irrespective of Term 1 or Term 2. The internal assessments would include exploratory activities, projects, practicals and end of topic or assessments. These assessments would contribute towards the overall assessment and evaluation of the students’ performance along with the results of the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations. 

The Board has said that it will make efforts in order to impart more credibility to the Project work, practical work and internal assessments conducted by the schools. Moreover, these will be according to guidelines and Moderation Policy that will be announced by the Board so as to ensure that there is a fair distribution of marks. An individual student profile for all the students will have to be created by the schools. These profiles would include all the assessments undertaken by the students over the course of the year and the evidence would be retained in a digitised format. The CBSE Board will also facilitate for schools to be able to upload the students’ Internal Assessment marks on the CBSE IT platform. Students must, however, note that these new curriculum changes are subject to alteration with any fresh announcements made by the Board in this regard.  

School Prep - The Vedantu Way

With CBSE introducing a host of changes, students are bound to be anxious about how to prepare for their exams. Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 are crucial in the lives of students culminating in the Class 12th Boards, which marks the gateway for higher education. Students may find it overwhelming since the changes introduced by the CBSE Board are recent, and there is a lack of complete information. However, with Vedantu, this will no longer be the case. Here, you will find the complete updated syllabi and exam pattern for the various CBSE batches. What is even better is that we have specifically crafted mock tests in accordance with the latest syllabus and exam pattern. These will enable you to practice and prepare for the exams. Be it for your school exams, board exams or other competitive entrance tests; we ensure you that our online coaching facilities will ensure that the syllabus is completed well in advance. 

Students who enrol in the Vedantu online tuitions will be able to avail themselves of weekly discussions of new additional chapter wise assignments created for the different CBSE batches (Sankalp and Drishti). This will be followed by weekly tests. The assignments and tests will have questions in accordance with the pattern of Term-1 exams (case-based MCQs and assertion-reason type questions). Students who wish to prepare for JEE and NEET will be able to attend the revision lectures offered exclusively by Vedantu. In addition, there will be mock exams mimicking actual exam-day like conditions for all students. So, look no further and begin your learning journey with us today!

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FAQs on CBSE New Curriculum: Changes Introduced for Classes 9 to 12

Q1. What is the announcement made by CBSE?

Ans. The CBSE, recently, has made announcements regarding the curriculum, evaluation and assessment for the 2021-22 academic session for Classes 9 to 12. Changes have been introduced in the Syllabus, Examination pattern & Timelines, Result Calculation and Overall Assignment & Evaluation. For Classes 9 through 12, the Board has introduced two term-end examinations - Term 1 and Term 2. The syllabus for each of the term-end examinations is also rationalised by 50%, and questions will be framed from the prescribed syllabus only. 

Q2. What is the change in syllabus for Class XI

Ans. With the introduction of two term-end examinations, the syllabus of Class XI for CBSE students has witnessed a slight change. For students in the Class XI Commerce and Humanities streams, there has been no reduction in the overall syllabus, while those in the Class XI Science stream should know that certain chapters have been sloshed. However, students in Class XI across all streams must note that the syllabus for the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations has been rationalised by 50%, meaning students will be required to study from the allocated 50% syllabus for the particular term-end examination. 

Q3. What is the change in syllabus for Class XII

Ans. There has been no reduction in the syllabus for the Humanities and Commerce streams of Class XII CBSE, but certain chapters have been removed for the Class XII Science stream students. In addition to this, there has been a rationalisation of the syllabus by 50% for all the streams of Class XII CBSE. This rationalised syllabus is to be followed by students while preparing for the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations. 

Q4. Which is the best institute for CBSE school prep?

Ans. CBSE is making major changes to the curriculum and overall assessment, especially for students of Classes 9th to 12th. The revised timelines, examination pattern and syllabus is bound to make students and their parents anxious. However, with Vedantu’s highly competent CBSE school prep plan, preparing for exams has never been easier. Enrol with Vedantu today to know all about the CBSE school prep batches, weekly discussions, practice tests and more. 

Q5. What has changed in exam pattern for CBSE students?

Ans. The exam pattern for the Term 1 exam of CBSE students in Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 will include objective type questions - MCQs or Multiple Choice Questions. The type of MCQs will be case-based and assertion-reason type questions. The question paper containing MCQs and the marking pattern will be sent by the CBSE to its affiliated schools. 

On the other hand, the Term 2 examinations are proposed to be held for 2 hours with different question formats that include - case-based, situation based as well as open-ended (short/long answer) question types. This exam pattern will be followed if the situation is conducive, or the 90-minute MCQ based examination will be followed in Term 2 as well. 

Q6. Will the change in CBSE curriculum effect NDA entrance?

Ans. The NDA entrance exam comprises diverse questions from different subjects, Physics and Chemistry being among them. With the reduction of certain portions of the Science curriculum, students, although having the reduced burden of studies, might miss out on understanding some important concepts. So, while it may seem that students preparing for NDA are unlikely to be affected by the change in the CBSE curriculum, on a deeper analysis, it may affect the preparation of the students as they will be required to study the extra topics for the NDA entrance exam. 

Q7. Has CBSE reduced the syllabus for Board exams?

Ans. The CBSE has not introduced any reduction in the syllabus for the Science and Humanities streams of Class 12, while certain chapters have been omitted for the Class 12 Commerce streams. 

Q8. Will CBSE Board conduct the Term 1 and Term 2 exams for 9-12 grades?

Ans. Yes, as per the latest announcements made, CBSE is set to conduct the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations for the students in Classes 9 to 12. The exam timeline for the Term 1 examinations is between November and December, while the Term 2 exams are scheduled between March and April. 

Q9. Will the board exams be conducted by School or CBSE Board in 2021-22?

Ans. For the academic session 2021-22, the board exams will be conducted by the CBSE under the strict scrutiny of External Centre Superintendents and Observers that will be appointed by the Board. 

Q10. When will the exams be conducted for Class X & XII?

Ans. The exams for Class X and XII will be conducted in two terms, Term 1 between November and December and Term 2 between March and April. 

Q11. Will CBSE release dates for all exams from 9-12?

Ans. Yes, the CBSE will release the dates for all the exams to be conducted for Classes 9 through 12 in due time. Term 1 Exams will happen in Nov-Dec 2021 for Classes IX-XII. Term 2 exams will be conducted in March - April 2022. 

Q12. Where can I find the details of updated syllabus for Class IX/X/XI/XII?

Ans. You can find the complete details of the updated syllabus for Class IX/X/XI/XII on Vedantu. In order to make the syllabus more accessible to you, Vedantu has provided a detailed layout of the CBSE Curriculum changes, where you can find out the complete syllabus of Classes 9 to 12 in a detailed manner.

Links for Class wise syllabus is as below 

CBSE Class IX Syllabus

CBSE Class X Syllabus

CBSE Science Class XI & XII Syllabus  

CBSE Commerce Class XII Syllabus

Q13. How will the result calculation happen for board exams?

Ans. As per the announcements made by the CBSE, in the overall calculation of the Board results, the marks obtained in both Term 1 and Term 2 exams will be considered. Although the Board has not released the exact weightage for the different terms, it has been hinted that Term 2 will have a slightly higher weightage as compared to Term 1 in the final results. In addition to this, marks obtained in periodicals, internal assessments and projects will also be considered for calculation of marks in the Board results. 

Q14. Who will test the exam papers for class X & XII? School or Board?

Ans. The exam papers for Class X and XII will be prepared by the CBSE. The Board will send the question papers for the Term 1 exams along with the marking pattern to the respective schools. The Term 2 examinations are proposed to be conducted at CBSE specified centres, wherein the exam papers will be sent by the Board. CBSE Board will evaluate/check the papers and announce the results as it happens regularly. 

Q15. What will happen if the lock down is extended?

Ans. In the case of extension of the lockdown, the CBSE will assess the situation and determine whether or not it is feasible to conduct the term-end examinations in the proposed format. Details will be made available in due course of time. 

Q16. Will board also include internal assessments and internals tests for results?

Ans. Yes. The performance of the students in the internal tests and internal assessments will be included by the CBSE in the calculation of the final results. Click here to know more 

Q17. Has CBSE introducted any new subjects for all classes?

Ans. No. CBSE has introduced coding as a part of curriculum in schools for 6-8 grades. No new subjects have been introduced for any other class