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5 Tips to Use Sample Papers- Making the Best Use for Exam Preparation

By AiswaryaMay 31, 2023
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How to Prepare for Exam with Sample Papers?

What is sample paper? How can a sample paper help in exam preparation? How well can it be used for specific subject preparation? These are the common questions student and parents usually have before appearing for the exam. Sample papers are very important tools or study materials that can help students prepare for the exam and better understand the overall exam. The use of sample papers will not only help students know how to write exam paper but also prepare them to solve certain questions strategically.

5 Tips to Use Sample Papers- Making the Best Use for Exam Preparation

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Using sample papers, students will witness a boost in confidence with regular practice, answering questions that they can answer and realising how well-prepared they are for the test. The exam sample paper can make students prepare for board exams or any regular test convenient to appear.

The regular revision will pay off with top marks in the final exam. However, it is important to know how to use them for exam preparation to overcome the stress of exams and make the best of set sample papers. This article presents solid tips on using sample papers for exam preparation.

Importance of Using Free Sample Papers for Exam Preparation

Sample papers have traditionally been the most sought-after study resource for students. Anyone who has excelled on a board test or competitive exam constantly praises sample papers as the best study aid. Students get nervous before the exam. They have less confidence and think that they might score well. They gain confidence and score good marks with regular practice of free sample papers. Here is some importance to know about solving exam paper sample-

  • Helps to Practice Well

Imagine you are preparing for the CBSE board exam and not well-versed in maths or have few ideas about how questions you will come across. Free ample papers come in handy here. Even the most laid-back student won't want to perform poorly using the sample paper to some extent. Even the confident student may get nervous when solving a full-length sample subject paper.

You will study through this period of tedium and intense boredom. The biggest thing you might hope for is that sample papers help you prepare.

  • Gain Confidence to Score Well

Sample papers have two sides to the coin. When you perform poorly, you experience severe depression. Any achievement you gain during the preparation, no matter how small you may consider it, will increase your desire to succeed to whole new heights. The hunger to score high marks separates students with similar mental abilities!

  • Get a Clear Idea about the Final Question Paper

Students are aware of the lengthy syllabus of 10th and 12th-grade board exams. There are various sections in each chapter. So, students must prepare and memorise each chapter and solution accordingly. You can seek assistance from teachers and experts utilising previous question papers to get solved. If you check the previous year's sample papers, they carry all significant portions of the chapters. This can assist a student in becoming comfortable with exam formats, point allocation, etc.

5 Tips On Using Sample Paper

Since you now know why it is important to use sample papers, let us check 5 tips on using sample paper effectively for better scores-

  • Staying Regular with Practice

One of the important tips one should follow when solving the exam paper sample is to stay regular with practice. With regular practice, you will gain confidence in how to solve certain questions of the respective subject. Furthermore, you will have an idea of how timely you can complete respective questions, and well you can write certain answers for questions.

  • Learn the Time Management

Good time management is important since you will be appearing for the exam. You will need to complete all questions in a certain timeline, and for that, you must practice using sample paper. You must give the necessary time to each subject and solve questions because they are all equally significant and play a crucial part in the curriculum. Many students must submit their papers on time even when they know the answers.

This results in students taking more time to answer questions due to a lack of precision and quickness. The results of the practice papers help you determine which topics need additional time and how you can manage them accordingly.

  • Mark Questions you Feel are Hard to Solve

When you are solving questions, you may encounter a few that you find hard to solve. You must mark them, ensuring to understand and solve them later. Keep track of all the queries that you are uncertain about and mark them. Understanding the concept is crucial, so you must identify the unclear parts. To avoid repeating the same mistakes, clear up any confusion, fix any faults, and keep rewriting.

  • Learn your Drawbacks

Every student has own drawbacks that can make it hard to appear for the exam. Retry after learning from your mistakes. Once you have finished answering the questions from the previous year, you can evaluate your performance using the marking scheme. You can use these set sample papers to help you get ready for the final exam. You can then decide which parts of the subject need to be altered. You can remain on top of your adjustments and modify your schedule.

Once you have finished completing exam papers, be happy with the outcome. You will succeed and have a clear idea about how to write exam paper.


Since we have covered how to use sample papers, what is sample paper, and tips to use them, you will also know about the process of how to write exam paper finely and score well. The previous year's solved problems are an excellent technique for preparing for the final exam.

They let you hone your problem-solving abilities while assisting in acquainting you with the structure and style of the exam. They can help you pinpoint your advantages and disadvantages and concentrate on the areas that require development. It can improve your overall marks in exams and identify your weakness.

FAQs on 5 Tips to Use Sample Papers- Making the Best Use for Exam Preparation

1. What is the best time to solve sample papers?

The best time to solve sample papers is months before the exam. This allows you to be mentally prepared for the exam and understand how to answer questions.

2. Are sample papers hard than board exams?

Although the sample papers' level of difficulty is intended to be an accurate representation of the board exam, it can change from year to year.

3. Do questions repeat in the board exam as previous years' sample papers?

There is the least chance of facing similar questions as sample papers. However, practicing the sample paper will help with getting ideas about solving in the final exam.