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Maharashtra (MSBSHSE) SSC Board Question Paper Class 10 Science 2018

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for Maharashtra SSC Board Class 10 Science 2018 - Free PDF Download

Soon the Maharashtra state boards exam will start and the best way to check the preparation level is to solve previous year question papers. In this post, we provide the Maharashtra SSC Board Examination Question Papers for previous years. Class 10 question papers for board examinations conducted in recent years are given in PDF format. These MSBSHSE Class 10 Question Papers will allow you to know the critical questions that have been questioned repeatedly in recent years. Question papers for all major subjects of Class 10, such as Algebra, Geometry, Astronomy, Hindi, and Marathi, are available for free download here.

Previous year's question papers are available for free download on the Vedantu website. You can also access the last year's question papers through the Vedantu app. So what you're waiting for, download the previous year Question Paper for the Maharashtra state board exam. Our question papers from the previous year serve students with a vast number of questions to practice. Students can revise the extensive syllabus of Maharashtra Board Class 10 in comparatively less time by solving these questions regularly.

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Maharashtra (MSBSHSE) Previous Year Question Paper Class 10

MSBSHSE is in charge of Maharashtra's secondary examinations and academic programme. This autonomous authority is in charge of the HSC and SSC. It follows a pattern for SSC exams, which you may figure out by looking at past year's papers. Use the resources here to prepare for the SSC board and learn more about it.

Benefits of Question Papers from Previous Years for the State Board Exams

Learning is considered to be the most critical key to success in any test. But things would go much better if you practice with the best materials. In the case of SSC Board Exams, the previous year's question papers' solution is considered a sure-shot way of success as it allows you to cover the syllabus in a short time efficiently. It also helps you evaluate the level of preparation and recognize the low scoring areas that need to be strengthened before the exams.

  • Help you evaluate the preparation, knowledge, and learning of important topics for each Chapter of your exam.

  • By solving previous year's Class 10 papers, you will practice repeatedly and score higher marks.

  • Be crisp and to the point when writing short or long-term type questions.

  • Our previous year's papers help you learn new and updated methods that help you solve challenging problems in a short time.

  • Students will learn about their weaknesses and strengths by practising our ten previous year's papers on the Maharashtra Board.

  • Students can learn about the time constraints and grasp the exam pattern by practising previous year papers.

Previous year's question papers are available for free download on the Vedantu website. You can also access the last year's question papers through the Vedantu app. So what you're waiting for, download the previous year Question Paper Also by the regular practice of the previous year's Maths and Science. Question Papers, you would be able to deal wisely with complex problems. Considered to be the best study resource for the Maharashtra state board exam, these solved Class 10 previous year papers will certainly help you score good marks in the Board exams. Maharashtra state board exam. 


How can you score well in your Maharashtra State Board Exams?

To score good marks in the Maharashtra Board Class 10 exam, you can follow the tips below:

  • Focus mainly on textbooks prescribed by the Maharashtra Board: Board exam questions are based on government textbooks. The textbooks are written in such a way that students may fully comprehend the subject. So, check over your textbooks and make sure you know what you're talking about. Look over the samples and work through the exercises. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance, and concentrate on the textbook above anything else.

  • Give equal priority to all subjects of Class 10: This is rather typical because students would hear statements like "students should focus more on their weak areas and learn to be flawless." That is, ironically, also reasonable. Students should concentrate on weak areas but also avoid skipping over other Chapters. Learn about your weak areas and give equal weight to all of your subjects as you prepare for the exam. 

  • Read important Chapters deeply without missing any topic: In their haste to finish the curriculum, students may overlook essential subjects, diagrams, or formulas. Of course, it is critical to finish the syllabus. However, it is also critical to cover each and every topic. You never know what kind of question will be asked about a particular subject. As a result, it is preferable to be prepared rather than regret it during exams. This advice will greatly assist you in avoiding minor errors during exams. When even 0.5 points can make a big difference, students should be cautious.

  • Time Management is the key, so always try to offer enough time to plan each subject: Time management is the true key to one's success, be it in academics, exams, career or life. Managing time can sometimes be stressful for the students with so many subjects to learn and study. Time management is an art form that not only instils discipline in a student's life but also allows them to achieve their full potential. As a result, all students must be able to manage their time effectively to get good results.

FAQs on Maharashtra (MSBSHSE) SSC Board Question Paper Class 10 Science 2018

1. How can I get the last 5 years' previous year papers for the Class 10 Maharashtra Board?

You can access Class 10 board papers from here for the last five years. These Maharashtra Board Class 10 previous years' papers are solved by expert teachers and have been categorized as subject-wise. By practising our last year's question papers on subjects such as Algebra and Physics, you will understand the exam pattern, the type of questions posed in the exam, and the difficulty level of those questions Just refer to our previous year's Class 10 papers for the Maharashtra Board and give your exam preparation the required boost.

2. Can I score a good percentage in Class 10 Maharashtra Board Exams if I prepare the previous year's question papers?

First of all, if you want to score good marks in your Class 10 Board exam, you need to prepare hard for the exam. Make sure you learn essential concepts, definitions, and topics for each subject. Get acquainted with the exam pattern and the sort of questions asked in the exam. Also, use previous years' Class 10 papers regularly to improve your question-solving speed and accuracy.

3. How to properly utilize the Previous Year Question Paper for Maharashtra (MSBSHSE) SSC Board Class 10?

To begin, scan over through the paper and note the pattern of questions. For example, if you are given a question, take note of the Chapter it comes from, the marks it carries, the difficulty of the question, and so on. The Vedantu website has all of the previous year's papers, as well as the solutions. After seeing all of the questions, you'll have a good understanding of the exam's format and how much each Chapter is worth. You'll also learn the most critical questions to ask and how to respond to them. They will also assist you in becoming familiar with the board exam format while also serving as a practice session.

4. Are there any chances that the questions from previous papers repeat for the latter year exams?

Yes, one or two questions from prior papers were repeated in some instances. However, this is a rare occurrence. One of the reasons you should practise previous year exam papers is because of this. Not only should you practise, but you should also know the solution and be prepared to respond to them whenever and wherever they are asked. Previous years’ question papers are available easily on the Vedantu website, or one can also download and install the Vedantu app for easily finding the previous years’ question papers. 

5. Is it compulsory to attempt all the questions from the question paper?

It's preferable to complete the answer sheet rather than simply skipping over the questions you don't understand. You'll be offered a choice of questions in some areas, and you'll be able to skip the ones you think are too difficult. However, if you are completing the exam quickly, it is preferable to tackle the questions that were not on the choice list. These can assist you if the questions you attempted on choice are incorrect. 

Other portions, on the other hand, where the questions are not selectable, it is preferable to attempt all of them. Leaving aside the grades, the evaluator will develop a positive image of the student after observing that he or she tried their hardest to answer the question. As a result, do your best to answer all of the questions. If you still have questions concerning the exam, go to the official websites and look for exam advice.