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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Chapter-12 Direct and Inverse Proportions (Ex 12A) Exercise 12.1

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Download Class 8 Chapter-12 RS Aggarwal Solutions

The chapter in direct and inverse proportion is quite important for examination. Not only a lot of questions are asked from this chapter, but also these concepts become critical for subsequent complex topics. Direct and inverse proportion class 8 RS Aggarwal helps students to prepare this topic with much ease. Download RS Aggarwal class 8 maths PDF for free on vedantu website.

Vedantu also provides free NCERT Solution and other study material to all students. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science to score more marks in your examinations.

RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Chapter 12 Exercise 12A – Free PDF Download

Students need easy access to any solution, and at the same time, it must be presented in a lucid manner. RS Aggarwal solution is framed in a simple format, and it adheres to the examination requirements. Students can download free PDF material from Vedantu’s official website, and refer to it at any time of their convenience.  

Direct and Inverse Proportion Class 8 RS Aggarwal

Few questions mentioned in the solution have been indicated below –

  • Question 1

There are multiple ratios mentioned in the question, and the solution includes finding out whether those are proportional or not. 

  • Question 2

The question mentions that given expressions are directly proportional. The value of the variables has to be found out. 

  • Question 3

Question 3 includes a problem concerning the ratio between distance and fuel consumption. The quantity of fuel consumed has to be found out. 

  • Question 4

This question is similar to the previous one. However, variables in this case are represented in terms of distance covered and price. It could be seen that the complexity level is also gradually increasing. 

  • Question 5

In this problem sum, the variables pertain to total distance and time taken to cover it. It also has to be found out whether the variables are in direct proportion. 

  • Question 6

In question 6, it is mentioned that the entities are in direct proportion. The variables relate to a number of goods and the cost price. As cost price decreases, the total number of goods purchased has to be found out. 

  • Question 7

In this question, prices have been given, the quantity of sugar to be bought has to be determined. 

  • Question 8

Variables in this question are in terms of length and price. One can also see that there are also a number of problematic facts that are being included in the question. 

It is important that students fully grasp all topics discussed in direct and inverse proportion class 8 RS Aggarwal, as it acts as the basis for the advanced topics in Maths. If students face any problem in understanding or case of any query, they can participate in Vedantu’s online classes and seek help from our mentors.

Benefits of Referring to RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8:

RS Aggrawal plays a significant role in developing and distributing the right kind of in-depth textbooks to the students at all levels of education.

Some key Benefits of Studying from RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8  are :

  • With several illustrations, RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8  enhances the learning experience.

  • Worksheets at the end offer several problems to practice that solidify the concept in the mind of the students.

  • With its twisted questions and exercises, NCERT books provide loads of practice to the students.

  • In CBSE boards, most of the questions pick up from the NCERT books, so if you are preparing for CBSE, follow the RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8  and solve it thoroughly as it follows the latest curriculum. 

  • Meticulously follows the CBSE curriculum and provides information in straightforward language that makes it easy for self-learners.

  • Designed by subject experts,RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8  are enough to score good marks on boards or competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Chapter-12 Direct and Inverse Proportions (Ex 12A) Exercise 12.1

1. What is direct and inverse proportion?

The concept of direct and inverse proportion has been lucidly explained in direct and inverse proportion class 8 RS Aggarwal. Two values – a and b are said to be directly proportional when their ratio always remains the same, that is constant. It means that a and b would increase and decrease together.

On the other hand, if a and b are inversely proportional, their product always remains the same, i.e., constant. It effectively means that if increases, b would decrease and vice versa.

2. How does RS Aggarwal class 8 Maths exercise 12a solution help in preparing the topic?

RS Aggarwal solutions class 8 Maths ex 12a shows the solution in a step-by-step method. It ensures that students do not see any disconnect from one step to another. Moreover, presentation of the solution is kept in the same format as it would be seen in examination.

Studying from the solution thoroughly familiarises students about the manner in which questions have to be answered. Moreover, it becomes easier for them to find out the error, if any. 

3. What is the best way to prepare the topic of direct and inverse proportion?

While referring to ex 12a class 8 Maths RS Aggarwal, check if one variable amount to be the product of another along with a constant. In such a case, those two are directly proportional. 

However, if you see that in spite of multiplying two variables, the product always remains a constant, those two entities are inversely proportional. 

It must also be kept in mind that if variables reduce or increase at the same time, it does not automatically mean that they are in direct proportion.

4. Is the RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Chapter-12 Direct and Inverse Proportions (Ex 12A) Exercise 12 sufficient to prepare for the exams?

As mentioned earlier, RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8  are thorough enough for students to prepare for their board exams. RS Aggarwal Solutions provide in-depth knowledge of a subject in simple yet powerful language. Students can benefit themselves by practising the twisted problems given at the end of the chapter and mastering every aspect of a particular topic. Not only this, if you are preparing for CBSE boards, then RS Aggarwal is a must for you to refer to as most of the questions CBSE board picks up from such books only.

5. How can I get all these useful resources for studying Class 8 Maths?

All these useful resources are there in the Vedantu website or app. Students can visit either the website or the app to get access to these resources. Vedantu has solution sets, revision notes and questions prepared by subject experts, so even if students don't have their own revision notes prepared, they can take help from Vedantu. All of this is available free of cost, so students don’t have to worry! They just have to visit the Vedantu website or app and download them in their laptops or mobiles. These notes will surely help students to ace their examinations. 

6. Why are RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Solutions important for exams?

Solution sets help to provide students with clarity with their own answers. Students are at a learning stage, so they might not know or be sure of the answers of the sums that they are solving. These solution sets are made to clear their doubts about the answers. By tallying their answers with the solution sets, students will come to know if they have solved the sums correctly or not. If they have solved correctly, the student’s confidence will increase. If not, they will rectify their sums and understand their problems.