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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion (Ex 8C) Exercise 8.3

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion (Ex 8C) Exercise 8.3 - Free PDF

Ratio and proportions are based on the concept of fractions. It is an easy topic to grasp. Basically, ratio is just a comparison in terms of division and proportion is the equality of two ratios. This is a scoring chapter for Class 7 students and is a very important topic in daily life. Comparison of prices while shopping to fixing the different components in a recipe all are based on this topic. Students should never skip this scoring topic thinking it to be too easy to handle at the last hour since scoring in mathematics is based on practice.

RS Aggarwal is a good book to develop concepts in Ratio and Proportion. Free PDF download of RS Aggarwal Solutions Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion (Ex 8C) is available on the Vedantu website. All Exercise 8.3 Questions with Solutions for Class 7 Maths solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers are available on Vedantu to help you to revise complete Syllabus and Score More marks. You can also download NCERT Solutions PDF and opt to cross-refer post-answering questions to score subject-best marks.

RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 - Chapter-8

There are 21 MCQ questions in Class 7 Chapter 8, Exercise 8C. Students can try to understand the concepts for solving the MCQ questions. They are easy to solve depending on the understanding of the concepts. They are not time consuming and MCQ questions can help students in the competitive exams as well. Thus, these questions can be easily solved with the help of solutions provided by vedantu and you can master this very important chapter of ratio and proportions.



Using RS Aggarwal Solutions offer a complete solution to Chapter 8 of class 7 allowing students to practice and learn.

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion (Ex 8C) Exercise 8.3

1. Why ratio and proportion are included under the same topic?

Ratio and proportion are related to each other. One cannot be clearly understood without the other with the concept of proportion more dependent upon the ratio concept. They both express the same information with the ratio determining the expression and the proportion with the equation. However the ratio and proportion have to represent the same relationship and only then the ratio will be proportional. Proportion is a way ahead of ratio, it deals with those ratios which are equal to each other. This gets clear by the way of representation. The ratio is represented by a single colon between the compared quantities while the proportion is represented by double colons between the compared ratios. You can download the free PDF version of the same available at Vedantu website.

2. How is fraction related to ratio and proportion according to RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion (Ex 8C) Exercise 8?

The topic ratio and proportion is an extension of the topic of fractions. Fraction always determines a part of the whole, often represented by the numerical value of the part divided by the numerical value of the whole where the value of the whole can never be zero. The ratio on the other hand determines the relation between the two quantities which may or may not be a part of the whole. Proportion also bears some similarity with the concept of proportion representing the quantity of something which actually determines the part of a whole amount while fraction is just the part of the whole.

3. What is the importance of RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion (Ex 8C) Exercise 8 for the Class 7 students?

Ratio and proportion is a fundamental topic in the Class 7 maths for developing the mathematical and analyzing skill of the students. The concept of this topic serves as the foundation for many other topics both in science and maths. Students can clearly understand the topics of the slope, rate of change, and even probability in modern maths if the concept of ratio and proportion is clear to them. The students can also use the concept of ratio and proportion in their drawing, cooking classes. They need the concept of comparing their marks with their friends or comparing the rates of different grocery items in different shops to decide which shop is better for shopping.

4. How can the students use RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion (Ex 8C) Exercise 8 to solve some calculations in day-to-day life?

  • The students can use their concept of ratio and proportion and proceed simply with the following steps to get the desired result

  • Firstly they have to create two ratios comparing the same quantities with the handy information they get.

  • The ratios have to be made equal to each other so that a proportion is created

  • Use the cross multiplication operation to determine the unknown quantity in the proportion.

  • Students can use this simple method comprising of three steps to get what they want while shopping, playing, cooking, drawing, and many other real-world problems in daily life.

5. What are the career prospects based on this particular topic in mathematics?

Ratio and proportion is such an important topic in maths that this concept itself is required for a few good careers in the future. Many industrial jobs, especially the metallurgy industries, depend to some extent on this concept. Hence good jobs in the industry are the ones for which you can have some confidence right from the school level if you are confident with your concepts on this topic. Banking and finance jobs heavily depend on this topic. The banking and finance industry needs commercial officers, mortgage brokers, and stockbrokers which are lucrative jobs and all these jobs depend on the concept of ratio and proportion to more or less extent.