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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers (Ex 3B) Exercise 3.2

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers (Ex 3B) Exercise 3.2 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers (Ex 3B) Exercise 3.2 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on 


Maths must be a struggle but no one said it is impossible. Class 6 students usually have to face challenges understanding Maths or finishing their Maths homework. To help them Vedantu has come up with a free RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers. All the students studying in Class 6 would be highly benefited from the solution PDF. The solutions are free of cost and are available for download on any kind of device. 

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Define Whole Numbers

Whole Numbers are the natural Numbers including zero. All the Whole Numbers include all the positive integers and do not include the negative integers.  

Benefits of Using Class 6 Solutions Provided by Vedantu

The concept of the Whole Number is the basic foundation of learning Maths. Therefore if a student uses RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers it will enable them to understand the concept in a better way and score good grades in the exam. In fact, students can even use the solution to finish the homework on time, that too with all correct answers.  

Ways to Access the Solutions

Since the solutions are provided for free on Vedantu's website, they could be downloaded on any Apple, android or windows device. A student just has to download the solutions in PDF format and start using them. There is also an option to take a printout of the notes if one wishes to read it in hard copy format. The best part is that the solutions could be accessed for the end Number of times. 

Scoring Better in the Class Test 

To score better grades in the Class test of the topic, the Whole Number student should o a lot of practice of the Whole Number question and ask if the concept is clear to you. One can refer to the solution PDF available on Vedantu's website.  

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers (Ex 3B) Exercise 3.2

1. How to download RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers?

RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers are available on Vedantu’s website. The student can visit the website and download the solutions available in PDF format. All the solutions are well arranged in the PDF so the student can easily spot the solution he/she is looking for. These solutions are provided by Vedantu free of cost, so the students do not have to pay any money. Download today!

2. Do the school teachers approve solutions available on websites of Vedantu?

When it comes to Maths the right answers are always the same, no matter if they are solved at school by teachers or equally qualified teachers at Vedantu. The team of teachers at Vedantu has taken immense care that each solution is right and is explained to students in an easy manner. Students can solve the questions and match their solutions with one made available by Vedantu for better clarity.

3. What is the difference between Whole Numbers and Natural Numbers?

Whole Numbers are the ones that start from zero. For Example: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. On the other hand, natural Numbers are the ones that start from one. For Example: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. The concept of Whole Numbers and Natural Numbers is very important for the topic Number system. It lays the important foundation for students to be able to Maths of a higher level later in their lives. Download RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 6 Chapter-3 Whole Numbers PDF for free for a better clarity. 

4. Why can I open the solution PDF on my phone? 

The free solutions provided by Vedantu could be accessed on any device. Although the PDF should open on the mobile phone however, there could be certain issues that one can easily fix. One, make sure you have a good internet connection to download the Whole file. Second, a student must have a PDF reader app which can open the PDF file to access PDF. These two are the common reason for the PDF files not opening on the phone. 

5. How can I score well in Class 6 Maths exams? 

To score well in exams the student should practice a lot. They must regularly go to school and ask questions from their teachers and clear doubts. Sitting for a group study and solving common problems or solving practice questions helps too. One can also become part of the Vedantu family and join special courses to study with expert teachers and gain the Vedantu edge in the examination.