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RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 23 - Data Handling Exercise 23.1 - Free PDF

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 23 - Data Handling II (Central Values) Exercise 23.1

‘Data Handling’ is the chapter in class 7 that introduces children to the very important concept of collecting and organizing data to take out the important and desired information. Data Handling is important as it has many day-to-day applications in our lives.

In the data-driven world where Data Science is given a lot of importance, the Data Handling of class 7 can instil an interest that can shape the student’s future. Class 7 Data Handling is the introduction towards the field of organizing data and taking out the desirable outcomes. 

This exercise covers 23 questions and students will be able to answer questions related to the measures of the central values.

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Advantages of Referring to RD Sharma for Class 7 Maths:

The book- ‘RD Sharma’ has helped many students over the years to get their concepts clear and score a good result. There are many reasons why class 7 students should prepare Data Handling from RD Sharma-

  • The RD Sharma book gives students a lot of practice with questions of all levels in it.

  • The solved examples in RD Sharma help children to break down problems and check the process for the desired outcome.

  • RD Sharma creates a flow of learning and helps students to learn at their own pace.

  • RD Sharma helps to strengthen the basic concepts thoroughly. 

  • RD Sharma is exam-oriented and if solved properly can help students achieve full marks in the exam. 


Making the best use of the free resource of Chapter 23 of class 7 for Data Handling Exercise at Vedantu website can help students to prepare.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 23 - Data Handling Exercise 23.1 - Free PDF

1. Can a student get full marks in class 7 Data Handling?

Yes, with sufficient practice and clear concepts, any class student can get full marks in Data Handling. Data handling is an easy topic but has a lot to remember. This can be only achieved by solving many questions. Many good questions can be found in Chapter 23 Data Handling of class 7 RD Sharma. Solving RD Sharma can be really helpful as it’s a very good resource and can prepare the student for complex questions. The student should definitely consider solving RD Sharma thoroughly as it increases the chances of getting full marks in Data Handling. To get full marks, students should make use of Vedantu website having free resources to learn the chapter.

2. Should I solve the test papers given in the RD Sharma book?

The test papers given in the RD Sharma book should definitely be solved by children as it contains some of the most important questions. It also contains many of the previous year questions that can help the child to figure out the pattern of questions asked in the examination. Other than this, children should also go through the solved examples given in the RD Sharma as they help to strengthen the foundation. Children should focus on solving as many problems as they can.

3. How can I study class 7 Data Handling from RD Sharma?

RD Sharma is a good book to study in class 7 Data Handling and get an excellent score. Students should finish all NCERT exercises as it marks that the basics are clear. Then they can move on to RD Sharma by going through the solved examples and trying to understand the pattern of Questions. Then they can proceed with tests where they can examine if they have understood the topic well enough. This way the concepts will get clear and the student will have good practice. 

4. How many exercises are there in NCERT Solutions for Data Handling Class 7 Maths?

Data Handling NCERT for Class 7 Maths consists of 4 exercises. All 4 exercises are important for students to get their fundamentals cleared. The first exercise has 9 questions and the second exercise contains 5 questions with sub-questions. The third exercise contains 5 questions again with sub-questions and the last, the fourth exercise contains 9 questions. NCERT exercises should be solved first and then the student can move on to more advanced books such as RD Sharma.

5. How to take out the ‘Mean’ of 3 numbers?

Mean is also called the average of given numbers. To calculate the mean of 3 numbers, the student must add up all the numbers and then divide by 3. If the 3 numbers are x,y, and z respectively, then the mean of these 3 numbers will be the sum of x, y, and z divided by 3, i.e-. x+y+z3. This is how class 7 children can calculate the mean of 3 numbers easily and fast.