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RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 17 - Constructions (Ex 17.2) Exercise 17.2

Last updated date: 23rd Feb 2024
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Class 7 Solutions RD Sharma- Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 17 - Constructions Exercise 17.2 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 17 - Constructions Ex 17.2 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 7 Maths to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other Engineering entrance exams.

RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 17

The RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 17 Constructions are available here. Student proficiency and subject knowledge can be increased by using these solutions for free. The chapter teaches the basics and different concepts of geometry, including how angles are constructed, lengths are defined, and other geometrical figures are defined. To draw these figures, you will need a compass and ruler. A figure is drawn with the help of specialised instruments, and these are used in building each object. This is the simplest form of construction. 

The purpose of this chapter is to give students an extensive list of examples from which they can learn and practice. Students can access RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions for free to help them with different questions they may have regarding the subject. Students can obtain the most exposure to the various problems by taking part in exercises, solving examples, and completing problem questions. Hexagons, polygons, tangents, circles, and circumcircles are some of the shapes that are possible to construct.

There is no doubt that this PDF solution to the class 7th Mathematics problems has been specially designed to be easy, accurate, and powerful. Additionally, it is free of cost and can be downloaded instantly from anywhere. Those who are unable to prepare for exams can also use this service.

When Practising From Rd Sharma Solutions, Here are the Benefits of Referring To the Solutions as You Work Through the Questions:

  • It is easy to learn about the different types of questions asked in exams.

  • From foundational questions to advanced questions, RD Sharma contains different types of questions. By doing this, the user will have ample opportunity to practice all types of questions that may prove useful in their upcoming classes.

  • Our subject experts have prepared these RD Sharma answers so students can get a better understanding of how these questions can be solved, and develop their mathematics knowledge.


Chapters of RD Sharma Solutions Class 7

  1. Chapter 1 Integers

  2. Chapter 2 Fractions

  3. Chapter 3 Decimals

  4. Chapter 4 Rational Numbers

  5. Chapter 5 Operations On Rational Numbers

  6. Chapter 6 Exponents

  7. Chapter 7 Algebraic Expressions

  8. Chapter 8 Linear Equations In One Variable

  9. Chapter 9 Ratio And Proportion

  10. Chapter 10 Unitary Method

  11. Chapter 11 Percentage

  12. Chapter 12 Profit And Loss

  13. Chapter 13 Simple Interest

  14. Chapter 14 Lines And Angles

  15. Chapter 15 Properties Of Triangles

  16. Chapter 16 Congruence

  17. Chapter 18 Symmetry

  18. Chapter 19 Visualising Solid Shapes

  19. Chapter 20 Mensuration I

  20. Chapter 21 Mensuration Ii Area Of Circle

  21. Chapter 22 Data Handling I Collection Organisation Data

  22. Chapter 23 Data Handling Ii Central Values

  23. Chapter 24 Data Handling Iii Construction of Bar Graphs

  24. Chapter 25 Data Handling Iv Probability

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 17 - Constructions (Ex 17.2) Exercise 17.2

1. What is the best way for me to get the important questions of all the chapters of Class 7 Maths?

Here is the technique which can help the students to get important questions of all the chapter 7 maths:

  • Check out the link to all of chapter 7's important questions.

  • You will be directed to after visiting the link.

  • Chapter 7 important question will appear once you select the lesson. 

  • After clicking on the Download PDF button, you will be taken to a PDF download page.

2. What is the benefit of studying the class 7 revision solution?

Here are some of the benefits of studying class 7 revision solution:

  • We have well-qualified teachers who provide solutions.

  • Chapter 7 solved questions to help students to do well on their exams.

  • Most of the questions are taken from the CBSE book.

  • Each concept is explained in detail in this solution.

3. What is the best way to prepare a successful study plan for Class 7 Maths?

Here are some ways to prepare a successful study plan for class 7 maths.

  • Prepare a study schedule that you follow regularly so you have time to complete all the chapters.

  • Revise your revision solutions thoroughly.

  • The CBSE and NCERT questions should be solved.

  • Take the time to practice the questions given by the teachers.

4. What Are the Benefits of Solving Important Questions?

In addition to improving problem-solving skills, answering important questions can increase efficiency and make exam time more manageable.

5. What are the keys to scoring well in class 7 maths?

Only practising maths can increase your class 7 maths score. Work through all chapter problems. You will be better able to solve problems and be more efficient as well. Take notes in a notebook about important definitions, formulas, and equations and revise them regularly.