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$x$ is a factor of $y$, then $y$ is a ____ of $x$.
(Fill in the blank).

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: Given the blank in the statement will be filled with the help of an example. We will take any two numbers that are in the first relation that is “ is a factor of. And then we will try to find the reverse relation.

Complete step by step solution:
It is given that,
$x$ is a factor of $y$.
Let $x$ be $3$ and $y$ be $15$. So we can definitely say that $3$ is a factor of $15$.
Now what is the relation between $15$ and $3$.
So if we multiply $3$ by $5$ we get the answer as $15$.
Thus we conclude that $15$ is the multiple of $3$.
Thus the blank space has the answer “multiple”.
That is “ $y$ is a multiple of $x$.”

Note that, factors are obtained when a number is divided and multiple is obtained when the number is multiplied. A table of any number is the best example of multiples of the number. These two are the exact opposite words.
Generally they are used in finding the LCM and HCF.