: Write your observations while doing an activity of burning of magnesium ribbon?

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Hint:When we burn magnesium ribbon, chemical reaction takes place. The process in which reactants are converted to one or more different substances that are the products is called chemical reaction. It converts into its oxide with high amounts of heat released.

Complete answer:
The reaction that takes place when magnesium ribbon is burned is as follows,
$2Mg + {O_2} \to 2MgO$
where $Mg$ is magnesium, ${O_2}$ is oxygen and $MgO$ is magnesium oxide.
Magnesium ribbon when burnt in presence of oxygen forms magnesium oxide. This reaction takes place with the help of Bunsen burner. In this reaction, the changes are observed without change in composition of substances. The changes which are observed are changes in colour, hardness etc. Magnesium oxide obtained is white in colour. Here the oxidation state of magnesium deviates from 0 to \[ + 2\]. The oxidation state of oxygen deviates from 0 to \[ - 2\]. Hence in this reaction, magnesium undergoes oxidation and oxygen undergoes reduction. Due to this, the above reaction is a redox reaction. Also, heat is released in the above reaction. This makes the reaction an exothermic reaction.
In this reaction, magnesium and oxygen are reactants in which the former is in solid state and the latter is in gaseous state whereas magnesium oxide is a product in solid state.

The reaction in which the oxidation state increases is known as oxidation reaction. The reaction in which the oxidation state decreases is known as reduction reaction. The reaction in which both oxidation and reduction occurs is known as redox reaction.
Reactions which involve the release of heat are called exothermic reactions. Reactions which involve the absorption of heat are called endothermic reactions.