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Write the successor of the following number 3999.

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Hint: Here we use the knowledge of the word successor that is the number that comes right after the given number is called a successor of the given number.
* Successor of any number is always greater than the number itself.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We are given the number as 3999
We have to find the successor of the given number.
Since, we know the successor of a number is that number which comes directly after the number, or the number which succeeds the given number by value 1.
So, we add 1 to the given number to obtain the successor.
Successor of “3999” is \[3999 + 1 = 4000\]

Therefore, 4000 is the successor of 3999.

Note: Alternate method:
Successors of any number can be found using the number line as well.
A number line is a representation of numbers on a straight line that extends on both sides (right as well as left) with equal distance between consecutive numbers. Generally we start representing consecutive numbers on the number line from 0 or 1 (or negative numbers if required).
Since we have to find the successor of a large number (having seven digits), we didn't start the numbers on the number line from 0 or 1, we can display few numbers to the left of the given number and few numbers on the right of the given number.
We can display the numbers 3997, 3998, 3999, 4000 and 4001 on the number line.
seo images

The yellow dot on the number line represents the given number and the number that comes exactly next after the given number (represented by orange dot) is the successor of the given number.