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Write the given following numbers in words.

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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Hint: To solve this question and to write the given number in words we must know the place value of every digit in the number. And to find the place value of each digit Indian place value chart is used.

Complete Complete Step by Step Solution:
According to the Indian place value system , the given number can be 7,07,075 can be expressed as
Seven lakh seven thousand seventy five.
According to the International system of numeration , the given number can be 7,07,075 can be expressed as
Seven hundred thousand seven thousand seventy five.

Note :
We can use any of the number systems whether Indian or International.
As per Indian place value system, the first period is of ones which consist of three place values namely ones, tens and hundreds.
The second period is of thousands which consist of two place values thousands and ten thousands.
The third period is of lakhs which consist of two place values lakhs and ten lakhs.
The fourth period is of crores which consist of two place values crores and ten crores.
While reading the numbers coming up in the same period are read together except the ones period.
And we start naming the number from the rightmost digit which represents the ones digit and we move towards the leftmost digit.
It is easier to write a number in words using Indian place value system than using the international place value system.