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Write the following numerals in international system of numerations

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:We have to know how to write numbers in the international system of numeration.We need to group the digits like a group of 3 digits from the right hand side.Afterwards write it in form of words then finally we get the answer.

Complete step-by-step answer:
It is given that the numerical form of the numeral is $2543876$
We can find how to write $2543876$ in international system of numeration
First we are understand the International system of numeration
In the International System of Numeration, the numbers greater than the thousands are denoted by million, billion, trillion, etc.
Firstly, we will create groups in the given numerical form from the right hand side.
Start grouping from the right hand side
We have digits $876$ at the rightmost side and after grouping, $(876)$ which has the word form Eight hundred seventy-six.
The numeral has digits $543$ at the middle and after grouping, $\left( {543} \right)$ in the given numeral and have word form Five hundred forty three thousands.
And at last remains only one digit $2$ at the extreme left end and after grouping,$\left( 2 \right)$ in the given numeral and have word form Two million.
First we write the groups from the right hand to left hand which is $(2)$$(543)$$\left( {876} \right)$.
Now we can write formation of the given numerals in international numeration,
We get $2543876$ is equal to Two million Five hundred forty-three thousand Eight hundred seventy six.

Note:In the Indian numeral system and International numeral system both have their similarities like it is in $1 - $digit number, for $2 - $digit number, for $3 - $digit number but distinctions in the further digit numbers like $4 - $digits numbers, $5 - $digits numbers, $6 - $digits numbers it is hundred thousands and behaves differently.