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Write the following numbers in expanded form: 279404

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Hint: Represent number in place value table and then try to answer the question, that is split the digits of the given numbers as per their place value.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We have to write the number 279404 as in expanded form.
Expanded form means splitting the digits of a number as per their place value and placing a plus sign between them.
So, let’s write the number 279404 in a place value table.
So, the digit 2 is in lakhs position, the digit 7 is in ten thousand, the digit 9 is in thousand, the digit 4 is in hundred, the 0 is in tens and finally 4 in ones place.
Therefore it can be written as, “Two lakhs + seventy thousand + nine thousand + four hundred + zero + four”
So, we can write number 279404 as,
$279404=2\times 1,00,000+7\times 10,000+9\times 1,000+4\times 100+0\times 10+4\times 1$
Hence the answer is $279404=2\times 1,00,000+7\times 10,000+9\times 1,000+4\times 100+0\times 10+4\times 1$
$\Rightarrow 279404=2\times {{10}^{5}}+7\times {{10}^{4}}+9\times {{10}^{3}}+4\times {{10}^{2}}+0\times {{10}^{1}}+4\times {{10}^{\circ }}.$

Note: Students should be careful while writing the number in place value table. They should cross check twice to avoid any error or problem.
Place value is different from face value, face value is the digit itself and is not multiplied by its place value.