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Write the corresponding numerals for the following:
$3 \times 1000000 + 4 \times 100000 + 6 \times 1000 + 5 \times 100 + 7 \times 1$

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Hint: Following the rule of BODMAS firstly multiply the given ones, tens, thousands, ten thousands, lakhs, ten lakhs, and crores to their corresponding numerals, then add all of them to get required numerals corresponding to the given expression.

Complete step by step answer:
Here, we have to find the value of given mathematical expression$3 \times 1000000 + 4 \times 100000 + 6 \times 1000 + 5 \times 100 + 7 \times 1$
The numerals corresponding to the tens, ten thousands are zero.
 Following the rules of BODMAS, first, multiply ten lakhs by$3$and lakh by $4$and thousands by $6$ and hundred by $5$ then we get,
$ = 3000000 + 400000 + 6000 + 500 + 7$
Adding all these terms we get the required numerals as$3406507$
$ = 3406507$

$\therefore$ The required numeral corresponding to the given expression is 3406507.

BODMAS: While simplifying the expression firstly solve using the operation “Bracket” then “of” then “division” then “multiplication” then “addition” then “subtraction”. In the above expression, only two operators are used among them multiplication operation is done first then addition operation.
Ten lakhlakhTen thousandthousandhundredtensones

Make a box like this write ones, tens, hundred, thousand so on in the above boxes or first rows, and the corresponding numerals should be put in the respective boxes below them. and those terms like here are tens and ten thousand have their corresponding numeral is zero so put zero in their corresponding places in the second-row boxes than by writing in sequences we get the required numerals. This is the simplest method and expression can be solved very quickly.