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Write in Roman Numerals: 73.

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Hint: We need to remember all the rules for writing the roman numerals and just like we write English numerals that is 1,2,3… if we first remember the rules for writing 1 to 10 in roman it will be convenient to write roman for greater numbers.

Complete step by step answer:
Now we will write roman numerals from 1 to 10.
First of all we can see that 1 is written as I , 5 is written as V and 10 is written as X.
It is obvious how two and three are written but for four we can see that I is written on the left side of V. Therefore writing I on the left means minus 1 from V i.e. 5. We can generalise this by saying that writing an alphabet on the left side of another alphabet means minus that value and writing it one left means adding that value but the number which is being added and subtracted cannot be greater than the number from which it is being added or subtracted.
Again this rule applies to 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Writing I on the right of V means adding 1 to 5. Same goes for 7 and 8 but for 9 writing I on the left of X means subtracting 1 from 10.
But we should be careful while writing this rule because we cannot write 8 as IIX but we can write 7 as VII.
Like 1 is written as I and 10 is written as X likewise 50 is written as L, 100 is written as C and thousand as M.
Now we follow these rules to write 73 in roman.
Like 7, 70 is written as LXX means adding 20 to 50 and now to add 3 we will write LXXIII.
Therefore, the answer is LXXIII.

Note: There are many exceptions to writing anything in roman. The above rules generally follow but they are not absolute. For example, 9 is written as IX but 49 and 99 are not written as IL and IC.