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Write a paragraph on an empty mind is the devil’s workshop.

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Hint: A paragraph is a collection of phrases that elaborate on a single concept. A paragraph must begin with a topic sentence, contain phrases that support the paragraph's main point, and keep a steady flow in order to be effective.

Complete answer:
The common phrase "An idle mind is the devil's workshop" reminds us that when we are lazy and idle, wicked thoughts quickly enter our minds. When a person is overcome by inactivity, all kinds of wicked notions flood his mind, making it the ideal location for the devil to carry out his evil deeds.

A man's thoughts can't be vacant for very long. Curiosity, learning new things, and expressing fruitful thoughts are all-natural activities for a man's thinking. Idleness becomes the source of all evil in a person's life. There is no room for evil in a mind saturated with positive thoughts. Keeping our minds occupied becomes the foundation of all evils.

Idleness leads to negative thinking, gossiping, wasting time, and ultimately too easy ways to make money, such as stealing or cheating. When a person is preoccupied with work, he has no time to think about anything else. Having constructive hobbies and participating in extracurricular activities assist us in keeping our minds free of negative ideas and desires.

There are a plethora of ways to work and earn a living. Lazy people, on the other hand, will not attempt to work in any capacity. They've turned into a liability, a burden, and a major issue for society and the country.

Idleness, on the other hand, makes anyone feel useless. When a guy does not engage in any activity, his mind tends to overthink meaningless things or not analyse at all.

The human mind should always be filled with noble thoughts and helpful and valuable intellectual concepts. Evil thoughts and behaviours can only be eradicated by a cultured mind. We must never forget the consequences of inactivity, and we must never allow our thoughts to become devil's workshops.

Note: Some key notes to keep in mind while writing a paragraph are:
-The initial sentence should reflect what your paragraph is about.
-Use the intermediate sentences to provide support.
-Conclude or transition with your last statement.
-Be aware of when to begin a new paragraph.
-Incorporate transition words.