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How do you write 5000 in scientific notation?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Writing a number in scientific notation is nothing but writing the number with power of 10 form. Or we can say simplify the given expression as much as possible. Here we are given the number with zeros. So we can simplify them using the power of 10. Scientific notation is just the product of two factors. One of them is a constant number and the other is a power of 10.

Complete step by step answer:
Given that 5000 is a number.
Now in order to write the number in scientific notation form we have to write the number as a product of two factors. One of them is 5 and the other is now moving the number of places from right to left until zero is there. These places will be the power of 10.
Thus we can get the scientific notation as \[5 \times {10^3}\] .

Note: Note that this form given to us is generally known as the scientific form of writing a number. This is used to write long distances or weights in short form. Power of 10 is the main part here. Note that the number of zeros added is nothing but the number in the power of 10. That is writing those numbers of zeros with 1.
Scientific form : \[2.5 \times {10^3}\]
Standard form : \[2500\]