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Working \[4\] hours daily Swati can weave-design \[5\] sarees in \[18\] days. How many days will it take for her to weave-design \[10\] sarees working 6 hours daily?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: Swati working \[4\] hours in a day we have to calculate the number of sarees she stitched in \[18\] days. After that we will get the estimate of \[1\] saree stitched by Swati. Then calculate the time taken in weaving \[1\] saree. After that we have to calculate the time detained for weaving \[10\] saree.

Complete step-by-step solution:
On working \[4\] hours on a daily basis, Swati is able to stich \[5\] saree in \[18\] days
The girl is working \[4\] hours on a daily basis, here we assume that, the one day is equal to \[4\] hours
She can weave \[5\] sarees in \[18 \times 4\,hour = 72\,hours\]
The time consumed in weaving \[1\] saree in \[\dfrac{{72}}{5}\,hours\] = \[14.4\,hours\].
The consumption of time in weaving \[1\;saree = 14.4\,\;hours{\text{ }}per{\text{ }}saree\]
The time consumed for \[10\] sarees \[ = 14.4\,hrs/saree \times 10\;saree{\text{ }} = 144\,hours\]
In case that girl started investing about \[6\] hours a day, let us assume that one day is equal to \[6\] hours
The total detained for the stitching of \[10\] sarees \[ = 144 \times \dfrac{1}{6} = {\text{ }}24{\text{ }}days\].

Note: The type of solution above comes under the category of a method called unitary method. Unitary method is a method in which we first try to find out the value of a single unit and then find the necessary value which is asked by multiplying the single unit value.