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Woolen clothes are mostly used in:
A) Summer days
B) Rainy days
C) Cold days
D) Cloudy days

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: Woolen clothes or materials are made of wool or a mixture of wool and artificial fibers. These are fabric made of wool and especially of woolen yarns having a fuzzy or napped face.

Complete answer:
In India there are different seasons like summer season, winter season, rainy season etc. we use different kinds of clothes during different seasons.
Generally the clothes used in different seasons are according to our need. For example - on summer days we use those clothes which are lighter in weight and white in color.
In rainy and cloudy weather we prefer those clothes which can be dried easily, so that we do not face any problem due to moist weather.
In the same way in the winter season, we use woolen clothes. We know that a large amount of air is trapped inside the woolen cloth. This air acts as an insulator between skin and outer environment. And gives warmth to the person who is wearing it so woolen clothes are mostly used on cold days.

Hence, option (C) is correct.

Note: In the summer season we use cotton clothes, this is because we sweat more in the summer session. Cotton is a strong water absorber that helps to absorb the sweat and introduce to the environment of evaporation. Our body takes out heat as the sweat evaporates from our body.