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Which one of the following symbols and its representation, used in the human pedigree analysis is correct?
A) □= unaffected female
B) ⧫= male affected
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D) ◯= unaffected male

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: The pedigree study reveals a certain organism and its predators with phenotype and/or genotype. A pedigree chart is a diagram which shows, from one generation to the next most commonly human, dogs and racehorses, the occurrence and appearance of phenotypes from a certain gene or organism.

Complete answer: When attempting to assess the existence of a newly identified disease, or when a person with a family history of a disease needs to know the likelihood of passing on the disease to their offspring, a pedigree study is drawn up. Uncoloured circle means unaffected female in pedigree analysis, square means unaffected male, and a diamond means unknown sex. Coloured circle means affected female in pedigree analysis, square means affected male, and a diamond means unknown affected sex. A square joined with a circle by a single line means marriage in pedigree analysis, while a square joined by two lines with a circle means mating. A horizontal line between their symbols suggests a link between men and women. This line is then connected to another horizontal line below, which is attached to the symbols for their offspring. In the order in which they were born, siblings are shown from right to left. The oldest sibling is seen to the far left and the youngest to the far right. To denote individuals or generations, numbers are often used in pedigrees. Generations are displayed in Roman numerals and individuals in Arabic numerals. All individuals are counted in a pedigree from left to right.
Hence, option C is the correct answer.C

Note: Careful pedigree review may identify relatives who may be at risk of inheriting the disease and for whom clinical screening with electrocardiography and echocardiography may be necessary after therapy. Pedigree analysis is consequently a significant device in both essential exploration and hereditary guiding.