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Which one of the following places was the capital of king Ashoka?
A. Sarnath
B. Nalanda
C. Patliputra
D. Vaishali

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Hint: Ashoka is the major emperor in the Maurya dynasty of India he ruled from the period 265 to 238 BCE also given as 273 to 232 BCE in some sources. The capital under Ashoka was in the city of Bihar. He was considered as the most generous and kind emperor in history.

Complete answer: Ashoka patronage Buddhism during his rule. It is said and believed that after the war of Kalinga with the massive killings of civilians Ashoka renounced armed conquest and adopted the policy called as conquest by Dharma is known as principles of right life. During his reign, Patliputra or present-day Patna was his capital.
With vigorous patronage of Buddhism, he widespread the teachings and publicized his work. He also made his work famous through oral announcements and by engravings on rocks and pillars at various sites.
The pillars of Ashoka were erected and inscribed by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka. Ashoka to describe his own pillars use the expression of dhamma stambha and his pillars were known as pillars of the Dharma. These pillars constituted the important monuments of architecture of India however during the reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq and during the Mughal Empire, the pillars were relocated.
The famous lion capital of Ashoka is a sculpture of four Asiatic lions which was directed by emperor Ashoka and is situated at the important Buddhist site of Sarnath in 250 BCE.
Another important is located in Vaishali which is a single lion with no inscription.
Therefore the correct answer is option-C

Note: In 1950 this Ashoka pillar was adopted as the official emblem of India minus the inverted bell-shaped lotus flower. The graphic also has an Ashoka Chakra in the circular base on which lions are standing back to back. This Chakra from the base has been placed onto the centre of the National flag of India.