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Which one of the following places is unlikely to be affected by a cyclone?
(A) Chennai
(B) Mangaluru (Mangalore)
(C) Amritsar
(D) Puri

Last updated date: 03rd Mar 2024
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Coastal regions are more prone to the impact of tropical cyclones such. Cyclones are likely to hit areas nearby coastal regions. The occurrence of cyclones in India is more likely to be in the Bay of Bengal in comparison to the Arabian sea. The city of Amritsar is not located near the coastal region.

Complete step by step answer
A cyclone is a weather phenomenon consisting of a large system of winds that rotates around a low atmospheric pressure centre in which the weather in the central part is calm. The formation of cyclones depends on the temperature of sea surfaces and humidity. Speedily rotating storms that begin over tropical oceans are referred to as tropical cyclones. East coastal areas such as Chennai and Puri are more prone to be affected and hit by cyclones in comparison to West coastal areas such as Mangalore. However, all these areas are likely to be affected by a cyclone. The city of Amritsar is located far off from the coastal regions and hence is not likely to be affected by a cyclone.
Therefore, (C) Amritsar is the correct answer.

The West coastal areas are less prone to be impacted by cyclones but areas including Mangalore, Kerala, and Gujarat have been affected by Cyclones in the past.
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