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Which one of the following is/are correctly matched?
India’s National Song-Vande Mataram
India’s National Flower-Rose
India’s National Animal-Tiger
India’s National Bird-Eagle
A. I and IV
B. I, II and III
C. II, III, and IV
D. I and III

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: National symbols are a very important feature for the maintenance of our national identity. The importance of national symbols can vary according to the history and depending on the strength and the social and political environment of a nation and thus represents and communicates the history and culture of that particular nation.

Complete answer:
The Nation song of India “Vande Mataram” was composed by Bankimchandra Chatterji originally in Sanskrit and Bengali. The song was composed during the time of British rule in India and the lyrics signify an inspiration to the people in their fight and struggle for freedom. The national song has the same status as that of the national anthem “Jana Gana Mana”. On January 24th, 1950, Rajendra Prasad, who was the then President of India came up with the statement in the Constituent Assembly that the song Vande Mataram which has played a historic part in the struggle for India’s freedom shall be honored equally with Jana Gana mana and both shall have equal status. The National Tiger of India is the magnificent tiger known as the Panthera Tigris. This National animal has a thick yellow coat of fur with dark stripes. The combination of grace, strength, agility, and enormous power has earned the tiger its pride of place as the national animal of India.
So, the correct answer is Option D.

Note: The national symbols are intrinsic to the Indian identity and heritage. Indians of all demographics and backgrounds across the world are proud of these national symbols as they infuse a sense of pride and patriotism in every Indian’s heart.