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Which one of the following is an important crop of the Barak Valley?
A) Jute
B) Tea
C) Sugarcane
D) Cotton

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: The Barak Valley is situated in the Indian state of Assam's southern portion. Silchar is the valley's main city. The temperature of the valley varies from 25° to 30°C and rainfall varies from 100 to 200 cm.

Complete answer:
Let us look into the given options:
Jute: Option A is correct. This is because the most suitable climate for growing Jute is a warm and wet climate. Jute as a crop requires a relatively humid climate ranging between 70% to 90% with a temperature of more than 25 °C for proper cultivation. Also, it requires loamy soil which is mostly available near the river bank. Barak Valley has a temperature that varies 25° to 30°C and also has a humid environment with rainfall varying from 100 to 200. The presence of the Barak river also adds to the availability of loamy soil. Therefore, jute is an important crop of the Barak Valley.

Tea: Option B is incorrect. This is because tea requires a temperature ranging between 21°C-29°C with rainfall between 150-200 cm. The soil required to grow tea should be well-drained as stagnant water or loamy soil would damage the crop. The climatic conditions in Barak Valley are different from the climatic conditions required to cultivate tea. Due to the high temperature, humid weather and loamy soil, the tea crop would be damaged if grown in Barak Valley. Therefore, Tea is not an important crop in Barak Valley.

Sugarcane: Option C is incorrect. Sugarcane is a tropical plant that needs a year of warm weather to mature. It can be grown in areas with temperatures ranging from 20° to 26° C and an average rainfall of 150 cm. Sugarcane flourishes in alluvial and light-clay soils. The best soil for cane is moist clay-loam with decent drainage. But the temperature in Barak Valley is slightly higher than what is required to cultivate sugarcane and also the unavailability of well-drained soil makes it difficult for the cultivation of sugarcane. Therefore, Sugarcane is not an important crop in Barak Valley.

Cotton: Cotton is a tropical crop grown in India as a Kharif crop. Cotton necessitates a uniformly high temperature ranging from 21 to 30 degrees Celsius. Cotton plants need adequate rainfall during the early stages of development, but after flowering, they need a sunny and dry environment. Well-drained soil is also required for the cultivation of cotton soil. The need for a sunny and dry environment after flowering while cultivation of cotton plant cannot be fulfilled in a valley like Barak Valley due to constant humid environment and rainfall. Therefore, Cotton is not an important crop in Barak Valley.

Thus the correct answer is option ‘A’.

Note: Barak Valley has a temperature ranging between 25° to 30°C and receives 100cm -200 cm of rainfall annually. This counts for the humid and warm environment of the valley. Also, the presence of the Barak river in the valley makes it possible to have loamy alluvial soil.