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Which one of the following is a characteristic of the biological community?
(A)Sex ratio

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Hint: One of the above options which is a characteristic of the biological community can be defined as the arrangement of vegetation into the different layers according to the fixed characteristics decided.

Complete solution:
Stratification is a characteristic of the biological community. Stratification within the field of ecology refers to the vertical layering of habitat; the arrangement of vegetation in layers. It classifies the layers (sing. stratum, pl. strata) of vegetation largely consistent with the various heights to which their plants grow. The individual layers are inhabited by the presence of different types of animal and plant communities (stratozones).

Additional Information:
The layers of forest are generally distinguished into forest floor (root and moss layers), herb, shrub, understory, and canopy layers. These vegetation layers are primarily determined by the height of their individual plants, the various elements may however have a variety of heights. The particular layer is characterized by the height range in which the overwhelming majority of photosynthetic organs (predominantly leaves) are found. Taller species will have a part of their shoot system within the underlying layers. Additionally, to the above-ground stratification, there's also a “root layer”. within the broadest sense, the layering of diaspores within the soil could also be counted as a part of the vertical structure. The plants of these layers, especially with reference to the way they live and correspondingly similar root distribution interact closely and compete strongly for basic needs like space, light, water, and nutrients.

So, the correct answer is ‘Stratification’.

Note: The structure of a community is represented through zonation or through stratification. In zonation, a lake community, for example, is usually divided into zones: littoral, limnetic zone, and profundal zone. Each zone contains differing types of organisms.