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which one is the correct food chain?
A. Eagle -> snake-> grasshopper-> grass-> frog
B. Frog-> snake-> eagle-> grasshopper-> grass
C. Grasshopper-> grass-> snake-> frog-> eagle
D. Grass-> grasshopper-> frog-> snake-> eagle

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Hint: In a food chain, producers are the initiators of the chain, then the successive trophic levels are placed.

Complete Answer:
- Food chain is a linear network of trophic levels, starting from producer organisms and usually ends at apex with predator species but detritivores or decomposer species can also be present at the apex.
- It explains the relationship among organisms by looking at the food they eat. Different levels of a food chain represent a specific trophic level. A food chain differs from a food web, interconnections between various food chains make a food web. Food web trophic structure can be measured by length of the food chain.
- The length of a chain can be determined by the number of links between a trophic consumer and the base of the web. The arithmetic average of the lengths of all chains in the food web gives the mean chain length of an entire web.
- The food chain can be looked upon as an energy source diagram, it begins with a producer, which is consumed by a primary consumer. The primary consumer is then eaten by a secondary consumer, which in turn gets consumed by a tertiary consumer. For example, a food chain might start with a green plant as producer, consumed by a snail, called the primary consumer.
- The snail might then be the prey of a secondary consumer such as a frog, which itself will be eaten by a snake which would be the tertiary consumer.

The correct answer will be- D. Grass-> grasshopper-> frog-> snake-> eagle.

Note: Food chains are extremely important from the survival point of view for most species. Even elimination of one element of the food chain can result in extinction of a species in some cases. A producer uses either solar or chemical energy to produce food. The sun is the primary source of energy for photosynthesis, life could not exist without it. Decomposers feed on dead animals, break down the organic compounds into simple nutrients which are returned back to the soil.