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Which of the following occupies the highest position in a hierarchical settlement?
A. Large town
B. Conurbation
C. City
D. Hamlet

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Hint: A settlement is a way of pattern that leads to habitation. The hierarchical settlement is a kind of ranking system, used in the United Kingdom.

Complete answer:
Settlement refers to the place where one lives. These are permanent, temporary, large well as small settlements based on human history. Mainly, settlements are of five types such as; isolated, dispersed, nucleated, linear, and integrated settlements. Settlement hierarchy is based on the order and system of the region through the population pattern or the type and range of services. Therefore, size plays a very important role in the organization of the settlement hierarchy.
Hamlet is located in a rural area with a small human settlement. It is not a village but a part of a village that consists of a very small area for farms, mills,s or harbors.
Conurbation settlement is basically an extension of urban settlement. It is formed when two or more cities get separated and grow together to form another region or metropolitan region. Here, the boundary between original towns becomes blurred.
Cities are the major towns of a country having large administrative functions. They are larger than towns. These are growing rapidly but not as much as the developing regions.
Large towns are not like cities but are bigger and developed than villages. It is fixed in its boundaries and local government.
So, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: Settlement hierarchy is also known as multiple estates which is used to classify settlements. It has been common in 10th century England. The conurbation is interrelated with a specific stage of Urban development.