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Which of the following metals is extracted by amalgamation process?
A.) Tin
B.) Silver
C.) Copper
D.) Zinc

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: Amalgamation is the process in which pure metal is extracted . In this process, first the ore is crushed and treated with mercury, in which we have dissolved the metal. Then this amalgam is heated and mercury evaporates which leaves behind the pure metal.

Complete step by step answer:
The amalgamation is the process of extraction which is used for the extraction of metals such as gold and silver or it may be a mixture of both of them. In an amalgamation process, the metals are extracted from their ores by addition of small quantities of mercury to the amalgamation drum or on an amalgamation table. In this amalgamation drum, the metal gets bonded with the mercury to form the Amalgam. Then this resulting Amalgam is caught on mercury coated plates and from these mercury coated plates the amalgam is then scrapped, the required metal in amalgam is recovered by distilling off the mercury. Here, by amalgam we mean an alloy of mercury with another metal. Depending upon the proportion of the mercury, the amalgam may be liquid, a paste or a solid. The amalgam containing a high proportion of mercury uses a liquid because we know that mercury exists in liquid state at room temperature.
Now, as we know that extortion of silver and gold is done by the amalgamation process.

Hence, B.) is the correct option.

Amalgam is used for restorative material like for filling in dentistry because one it is mixed then it is fairly easy to shape it but it hardens into a tough substance. Generally, the amalgam of silver and tin, with minor amounts of copper and zinc, is used to fill teeth.