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Which of the following makes water a very essential element for plant growth?
A. Turgidity of cells helps in extension growth
B. Water provides the medium for enzymatic activities
C. Cell enlargement
D. All of these

Last updated date: 23rd Jun 2024
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Hint: Water is the molecule of life and thus is required almost by every organism living on earth. Plants acquire water through roots majorly and they wither or die if not watered well. Water is required for various life processes of plants. Water keeps the plant surface moist and healthy from inside. Water is a universal solvent and thus almost all other molecules find it easy to dissolve in it.

Complete answer: Plants are green leafy and beautiful organisms that stand on the surface of the Earth making it green and healthy to sustain other life forms. Most of the organisms are dependent on plants for their shelter, food, and other necessities. Plants just like other organisms require many essential things to sustain. But the most important life element is water. It is observed that potted plants die when not watered well. Thus, water is required for the healthy growth of plants.
Plants require water to act as a solvent for various minerals and nutrients so that they can be transported by roots from soil to the whole plant. Transpiration is an important process that needs to take place in plants that ensures the exchange of water for carbon dioxide. Also, as water evaporates during transpiration it creates a pull for minerals and nutrients to get sucked up from the soil by roots.
Plant cells get filled with water and provide firm support to plant parts. This is the reason why plants wilt if not provided with water. Water is also an important necessity during the process of photosynthesis. Also, extension growth occurs due to water as it makes cells healthy to divide. Various enzymatic activities occur in water as a medium. Thus, water is required for all basic requirements of plants to grow, sustain, and develop.
So, option D is correct.

Note: Water is a basic necessity for almost all living organisms. Humans are advised to take up to 2 liters of water every day. It is estimated that if humans are to take water equal to plants then it will be 90 liters of water per day. Most of the plant weight is due to the water content in it.