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Which of the following is the dominant trait in pea?
A. Wrinkled seed
B. White flower
C. Dwarf plant
D. Green pod

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Hint:Pea plant was used by Mendel for his experiments of inheritance. This plant has many contrasting characters like a dwarf and tall or wrinkled or round seeds.
Mendel chose only 7 contrasting characters for his experiments. In each contrasting character, one trait was dominant and the other trait was recessive. For example, the Trait of tallness is dominant over the trait of dwarfism.

Complete answer: The dominant trait of any character is controlled by the dominant allele. When a dominant allele is present no recessive allele can show its effect. That’s why only the dominant trait is observed.
The characters that Mendel chose were all contrasting characters only.
For the height of a plant, there can be two traits – tall and dwarf. Tallness is a dominant trait and dwarfism is a recessive trait.
For the position of the flower, there can be two traits – axillary and terminal. The axial position is dominant and the terminal is recessive.
For the Color of the seed coat, there can be two traits – grey and white. The Grey color of the seed is the dominant and the white color of the seed is a recessive character.
For the color of cotyledons, there are two traits – yellow and green. The yellow color is dominant over green color.
For pod color, there are two traits – green and yellow. Green pod color is dominant and yellow is recessive.
The shape of the pod has two traits – inflated and constricted. Inflated pod traits are dominant.
The shape of the seed has two traits – round and wrinkled. Round seed trait is dominant over wrinkled.

So, the correct option is D. green pod.

Note: Mendal performed cross-pollination between two plants in which one had green colored pods and the other had yellow colored pods.
In the first generation, all plants produced green pods. So the character that shows itself in the first generation is called the dominant character. These results were seen with other characters also.