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Which of the following is not an essential feature of a map?
(A) Title
(B) Scale
(C) Volume
(D) Legend

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: A map is a compact representation of the structures of the planet or any part of the planet. As a result, a map must be constructed in a compact order to show the characteristics of the regions it depicts. A map is a symbolic illustration of specific features of a location that is typically displayed on a two-dimensional surface.

Complete answer:
A variety of map elements are essential in defining map data.
The below are the basic features of a map that should be included:
Direction, Title, Legend( symbols), Scale (Distance), Grids and Index, Labels, Citation. All of these features are important since they are the ones that help people understand the fundamental elements of maps.

We can examine each option carefully to find which of the options are not required for maps:
Option (A) Title is an incorrect option. A map title is a component of a topographic map that defines the theme or topic of the map. The map's title should represent relevant details for the target audience, focusing on their knowledge of the subject prior to reading the map. So this is essential for maps hence the option is wrong.
Option (B) Scale is an incorrect option. A map scale is an association between a position on a map and its equivalent position on Earth. The scale assists in measuring the amount of a region on the map. This is due to the fact that it allows the map viewer to measure different dimensions from the map, including the width and distance. The scale of a map is required hence this option is wrong.
Option (C) Volume is the correct option. Maps being a two-dimensional tool does not have the possibility of computing volumes. Volumes of maps are unnecessary and are not part of the features of maps hence this is the correct answer since it is not needed in maps.
Option (D) Legend is an incorrect option. A map key, also known as a legend, is an integral component of every map. It illustrates what each symbol on the map represent and helps you understand the map. Legends are an essential part of maps hence this option is wrong.

Therefore the correct answer is option (C) Volume.

Note: Note that there are multiple types of maps:
- Physical or relief maps: They mainly depict the earth's geological characteristics.
- Political maps: It is responsible for depicting the world's cities, towns and villages, countries and territories, as well as their bordering territories.
- Thematic maps: These maps generally rely on basic facts, such as rainfall, route, and tourist destinations maps. So putting emphasis on each theme, maps can be created.