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Which of the following is not a symptom of Overtraining?
A) Slow healing rate
B) Insomnia
C) Loss of appetite
D) Increased competitiveness

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: Overtraining occurs when an individual works out extensively without providing an adequate recovery time for the body in between. This is not an advisable situation since the process depletes the body’s energy stores. And it should not be encouraged.

Complete answer:
Considering the other given options:
A) Slow healing rate is a symptom of overtraining since no appropriate recovery time is available. It decreases the healing rate of the body. It can lead to pain as well as muscle strain.
B) Insomnia is a symptom of overtraining since at this stage the body loses the balance between various stress hormones and the person lacks quality sleep.
C) Loss of appetite is also a symptom of overtraining. It affects the hormonal balance and can suppress the feeling of hunger thereby causing weight loss, as well as exhaustion.
D) Increased competitiveness is not a symptom of overtraining. It brings down the level of fitness and has a negative impact on the performance levels. And also hinder positive results. Thus overtraining can decrease competitiveness.

Thus the most appropriate answer is option ‘D’ i.e, increased competitiveness is not a symptom of overtraining.

Note: The other symptoms of overtraining are :
- Pain, strain, and soreness.
- Injuries
- Agitation and irritability
- Fatigue
- Decrease in immunity
- Lack of motivation
The most important factor during the treatment of overtraining is to provide adequate rest for the body. Hot and cold therapy on muscles also helps in getting relief from cramps.