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Which of the following is an air pollutant?
A. Ozone
B. Chlorofluorocarbon
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Oxygen

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Hint: We have to know that air contamination is the presence of substances in the air that are unsafe to the wellbeing of people and other living creatures or cause harm to the environment or to materials. There are various sorts of air contaminants, like gases, particulates, and organic atoms.

Complete answer:
We have to know, an ozone is an allotropic subatomic type of oxygen-containing three molecules of oxygen. Ozone is created through the section of oxygen through a high voltage potential bringing about the connection and arrangement of a third oxygen atom.
Ozone protects us from UV-radiation.
Therefore, option (A) is incorrect.
We have to see that the chlorofluorocarbons are anthropogenic mixtures that have been delivered into the air since the $1930's$ in different applications, for example, in cooling, refrigeration, blowing specialists in froths, and protections. It is a greenhouse gas. So that it is not a pollutant.
Therefore, option (B) is incorrect.
We have to see that carbon dioxide adds to air contamination in its job in the nursery. Carbon dioxide traps radiation at ground level, making ground-level ozone. This climatic layer keeps the earth from cooling around evening time. One outcome is a warming of sea-water.
Therefore, option (C) is correct.
We have to see that oxygen assumes a basic part in breath, the energy-delivering science that drives the digestion systems of most living things. We people, alongside numerous different animals, need oxygen noticeable all around we inhale to remain alive. Oxygen is produced during photosynthesis by plants and numerous sorts of microorganisms.
Therefore, option (D) is incorrect.

We have to know that the regular air-pollutant are particulate matter, ground-level ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead. These contaminants can hurt human wellbeing, hurt the climate, and cause property harm.
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