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Which of the following is a product of pastoral resources?
A) Milk
B) Meat
C) Wool
D) All of these

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Pastoralism is a form of agriculture that focuses on animal husbandry. Pastoralism is a form of animal husbandry that involves herd movement in search of new pastures.
Pastoral resources are the resources derived from such livestock.

Complete answer:
Pastoralism is a form of animal husbandry in which domesticated animals known as livestock are released onto large vegetated outdoor lands (pastures) for grazing by nomadic people who travelled around with their herds in the past. Cattle, camels, goats, yaks, llamas, reindeer, horse, and sheep are among the animals involved.

Now if we look into the given options milk, meat, wool all the resources are derived from livestock. Hence all these are the product of pastoral.

Thus the correct answer is option ‘D’ i.e, All of these.

Note: Pastoralism can be seen in many forms around the world, but it is most common in areas where aridity, poor soils, cold or hot temperatures, and a lack of water make crop production difficult or impossible. Pastoral societies are particularly vulnerable to global warming because they operate in more extreme areas with more marginal lands.