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Which of the following fertilizer plants is not in the public sector?
A) Bhatinda
B) Nangal
C) Kota
D) Gorakhpur

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: The public sector, which includes both public services and public firms, is a segment of the economy. Public goods and governmental services, such as the military, law enforcement, infrastructure, public transit, and public education, as well as health care and people who work for the government, such as elected officials, are all included in the public sector.

Complete answer:
Fertilizer is a natural or synthetic material that contains chemical ingredients that help plants grow and produce more. Fertilizers may improve the soil's inherent fertility or replace the chemical ingredients removed by previous crops.

Manure and composts have been used as fertilisers for practically as long as agriculture has been. One or more of the three most critical components in plant nutrition, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, are included in modern chemical fertilisers. The elements sulphur, magnesium, and calcium are of lesser importance.

The fertiliser facility in Kota is not run by the government. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited is one of India's largest private fertiliser manufacturers. It was founded in 1985 by Zuari Industries Limited in Kota, Rajasthan. However, the Government of India created National Fertilizers Ltd, or NFL, in 1974. NFL had established urea plants based on fuel oil in Panipat and Bhatinda. Later, the NFL established a plant in Nangal. Gorakhpur is home to the Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd. It is also part of the public sector.

Therefore the correct answer is option ‘C’.

Note: Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited is India's largest private fertiliser manufacturer. With about 3.4 million MT of urea generated annually, the company accounts for roughly 15% of the country's total urea production. At our three sites in Gadepan, Rajasthan's Kota area, the company produces high-quality fertilisers.