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Which of the following are correct statements about Nalanda University?
(A) Nalanda University could accommodate thousands of students.
(B) The Library of Nalanda University stocked thousands of books.
 (C) The students seeking admission to the university had to appear for an examination at the entrance gate.
(D) All of the above.

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Hint:The Nalanda University was established somewhere in the 5th century by the Emperor of Gupta Dynasty, Kumar Gupta I. The University is near the city of Nalanda in Rajgir, in the state of Bihar. It is the first International University that was set up in India.

Complete answer:
 Nalanda University was the most leading university since ancient times. It was famous for imparting education in every field from medicine to music. The central objective of the scholars of Nalanda University was to provide spiritual and moral learning to its students. It was no doubt that it was one of the leading Universities with a large campus which could accommodate thousands of students. But, the University was destroyed by Khilji to uproot the religion and teachings of Buddhism. The University was so large that it continued to burn for three months when Khilji set the University to fire.
It was re-established under the Act of Parliament in 2014. The University has its campus in 400 acres which can accommodate thousands of students. The University's library is loaded with thousands of books on every subject. The Library of Nalanda University has access for more than 170 e-books, and there are about 5000 different journals, magazines and books available for students.
Also, for getting admission in the University, a student has to go through an entrance examination and if get selected, then will get the admission in the University.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note:The University of Nalanda has been registered under the World's UNESCO Heritage Site. The modern Nalanda University has registered itself under the Centre for Research Libraries and it is the only Indian University that enrolled itself in CRL. The first theoretical session of Nalanda University was started on 1st September 2014.