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Which of the following animals is not an insect?
(A) Ticks
(B) Honey bee
(C) Beetle
(D) Wasp

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: Animals are the vertebrates but the insects do not possess backbones. Animals are larger in size when compared to insects. Insects possess the exoskeleton called the chitin but the animals have the skin similar to the humans with the hair growth.

Complete answer:
Among the given Options, honey bee, beetle and the wasp are the insects and have the characteristics of the insects. The ticks are very small in size and belong to the parasitic form order. They live outside the host organisms which they depend on. Hence, they are called by the name ectoparasite. These arachnoids are the reason for many diseases in humans, animals etc. Since they transmit those diseases.

It is known that the presence of the wings and antennae are the important characteristics of insects. Ticks lack these characteristics and hence they are called animals. They live in the skin of the mammals, birds, amphibians etc. by sucking their blood. Hence blood of these organisms is the helps in the survival of the ticks. Except the tics, honey bee, beetle and the wasp have wings and the antenna.

Hence, the correct answer is Option (A)

Note: Antennae are the two long appendages which are used for the sensing purpose in insects. They are often referred to the feelers. The insect mainly uses these antennas for the purpose of smelling. The antennas are connected to the first two segments of the insect’s body.