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Which of the following animal belongs to Apterygota
A. Lepisma
B. Termite
C. Moth
D. Apis

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Insects are small invertebrates that are distinguished from other invertebrates by features such as six legs, segmented bodies, and a hard exoskeleton. They are considered to be the largest group present in the phylum arthropod.

Complete answer: Apterygota is the sub-class of agile insects that can be distinguished from other insects based on their lack of wings. Apterygota is mostly free-living, are about 3-15 mm long, and are elongate or oval-shaped. They have direct larval development and shed throughout their lifetime. A few examples of insects belonging to this group include silverfish (Lepisma), the jumping bristletails, and the firebrat. These insects consume lichens, pollen, fungi, etc. Lepisma is a small, wingless, primitive insect that belongs to the family Lepismatidae and is known to have metabolic rates similar to that of a firebrat. Their metabolic rate differs based on environmental conditions. At low temperatures of about 10-20 degrees Celsius, they have a high metabolic rate.
Therefore, the correct answer is option A. Lepisma.
Considering other options, termites belong to the sub-class Polyneoptera and are known to have wings with the ability to flex them to fold it flat over their body. Moths and Apis (honey bee) belong to the sub-class Endopterygota and develop their wings while undergoing a metamorphosis in a pupa.

Note: Approximately 580 species of Apterygota have been reported worldwide and have been found in extreme climatic conditions such as the polar regions and high altitude regions. During the Devonian periods which was about 417-354 million years ago, the first occurrence of an Apterygota species was reported in the fossil record.