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Which is the Standard meridian (IST) of India?
A) $0^\circ $ longitude
B) $68^\circ {\text{E}}$ longitude
C) $97\frac{1}{4}^\circ {\text{E}}$ longitude
D) $82\frac{1}{2}^\circ {\text{E}}$ longitude

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The Standard Meridian is located in the centre of all longitudes and latitudes in which India is set. It routes through Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. The Indian Standard Time is premeditated on the basis of $82^\circ 30'{\text{E}}$ has been carefully chosen as the Standard Time for the whole nation.

Complete step by step solution:
Indian Standard time (IST) is the time zone pragmatic throughout India, with a time counterpoise of UTC+ $05:30$. India does not perceive daylight saving time or additional periodic modifications. In military and aviation time IST is chosen E* ("Echo-Star"). Indian Standard Time is premeditated on the basis of $82.5^\circ {\text{E}}$ longitude in the city of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, which is located roughly on the conforming longitude allusion line. After Independence in 1947, the Union government recognized IST as the official time for the entire nation, even though Kolkata and Mumbai reserved their own local time until 1948 and 1955, correspondingly. The Central viewpoint was shifted from Chennai to a place at Shankargarh Fort in the Prayagraj region so that it would be as close to UTC+ $05:30$ as conceivable. Daylight Saving Time (DST) was used temporarily during the China–India War of 1962 and the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1962 and 1971.

Thus, option (D) is correct.

IST is reserved as the usual time as it passes through almost the centre of India. To interconnect the precise time to the people, the precise time is aired over the nationwide All India Radio and Doordarshan television link. Telephone businesses have devoted phone numbers linked to mirror time attendants that also communicate the exact time. Alternative progressively prevalent means of procuring the time is through Global Positioning System (GPS) headsets.