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Which is the smallest state in India?

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: The smallest state is the $25^{th}$ State of the Indian Union and was joined into the Indian territory after taking it from the Portuguese in 1961 and has a blend of Portuguese and Indian culture. The capital of the smallest state is Panaji.

Complete Answer:

The smallest state in India is Goa with an area of 3702 km$^{2}$. This state is not only the smallest one in size but also has the fourth smallest population in the country. The state lies on the south-western coast of India. It is also regarded as the pocket-size Paradise for its exceptional scenic beauty. Listed below are some interesting features of the smallest state in India.

- An amalgamation of sea, sun, spirituality and seafood offering the best quality of life in India.  

- The golden sand beach is one of the attractive elements of Goa. Also, the influence of Portuguese cultures brings a lot of foreign travellers as well as domestic tourists.

- The coastline stretches along the Arabian Sea and is surrounded by Indian states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

- The largest city of the state is Vasco da Gama and is also a historic city. 

- It also has remarkable flora and fauna as it lies in the Western Ghats range. This is therefore known as the biodiversity hotspot.

- It is said that Goa earlier was known as Gomamachala, Gopakapattana, Govapuri, Govem, and Gomantak. 

- The historical rock art engraving in Goa reflects the traces of human life in the country. 

- One can witness the Palaeolithic lifestyle that prevailed in this place at one point in time at Adkon, Fatorpora, Dabolim, and places as such. Further, the early Goan culture is based on the collaboration of Dravidian and Indo Aryan migrants mixed with the aboriginal locals. 

Therefore, ‘Goa’ is the correct answer.

Note: There are eleven rivers in Goa which are Terekhol, Mandovi, Baga, Zuari, Colval, Saleri, Mandre, Harmal, Sal, Talpona and Galjibag. On the mouth of the River Zuari and Mandovi from the Arabian Sea end lies Mormugao harbour which is referred to as the best natural harbour in South Asia. Goan culture and cuisine - the delectable fish curry and bhali pau, colonial architecture, yoga sessions on the beach during sunrise - everything makes Goa one of the charming states in India. The whitewashed churches and the crumbling forts, and the beautiful music and catholic ceremonies magnify the beauty of this state manifold.