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Last updated date: 04th Dec 2023
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Which is greater 3 or 0.8?

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Hint : Convert given number into fractions.

 In this question we have to compare the two numbers that which is greater
And hence we’ll try to convert them into fractions and then we’ll compare
Therefore we have now,
3 and 0.8
Now in order to convert them into fractions, we have
To multiply as well as divide both the numbers by 10
And hence we have
$3 \times \frac{{10}}{{10}}\;and\;0.8 \times \frac{{10}}{{10}}$
And hence now we have to compare between
$ \Rightarrow \frac{{30}}{{10}}\;and\;\frac{8}{{10}}$
Now since the denominator is same so we just have to compare between 30 and 8, and hence we can say that
30 > 8 or 3 > 0.8
So finally we have our answer as 3 is greater than 0.8.

Note : In this type of question first of all we convert the given numbers into fraction so that there denominator can be same and after making the denominator same we can easily compare them and we’ll have our answer.

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