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Which among the following features of a federal system is not found in the Indian Political System?
A) Dual citizenship
B) Distribution of power between the federal and the state governments
C) Supremacy of the Constitutions
D) Authority of the Courts to interpret the constitution

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Hint: There’s a framework designed called the constitution in which politics of India works. India has a parliamentary form of government in which the head of the state is the President and the head of the government is Prime Minister. India is a dual political system.

Complete answer:
Citizenship is the lawful status of an individual who belongs to a specific nation, perceived by the laws of that country. A resident is qualified for specific rights and has a responsibility as spread out in the constitution of that country. Double or numerous citizenships implies that an individual is the resident of more than one nation (say the US and Canada as well as the UK). It gives individual privileges and advantages in these nations. You can live, work and study in any of these and get benefits like medical care, training, government-managed retirement, and so forth.

The Indian constitution doesn't have an arrangement of double or various citizenship. In the event that an Indian procures citizenship of another nation, they consequently lose their Indian citizenship. The Constitution of India doesn't permit holding Indian citizenship and citizenship of an outside country at the same time.

Considering the suggestion of the High-Level council on the Indian Diaspora, the Government of India chose to give Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) usually known as 'double citizenship'. People enrolled as OCI have not been given any democratic privileges, election to Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha/Legislative Assembly/Council, holding Constitutional posts, for example, President, Vice President, and Judge of Supreme Court/High Court and so forth.

Thus, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: OCI is a legitimate status given to an individual of Indian beginning who has surrendered Indian citizenship. It is like an extremely durable residency and offers a few advantages. The public authority of India gives an archive called OCI card to all individuals who have been given this status.
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