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Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: In this question, we will first use a common brick, and then we will mark length, breadth and height for the drawn brick. After that, we will compare the drawn figure with different geometrical shapes like cube, cuboid, sphere, etc. and find the shape of the brick.

Complete step by step answer:
Here we need to find the shape of a brick. Let us draw a brick.
seo images

As we can see that a brick represents a cuboid. Here, $l,b,h$ represents the length, breadth and height of a cuboid. We know that a cuboid is a three-dimensional structure having six rectangular faces. These six rectangular faces exist as a pair of three parallel faces. When the area of all the faces of a cuboid is the same, we call this cuboid a cube.
Hence, by comparing we have figured out that the shape of a brick is a cuboid. If we need to find the surface area or volume of a cuboid, we can use the following formula –
Surface area of cuboid = $2\left( lb+bh+lh \right)$
Volume of cuboid = $\left( l\times b\times h \right)$

Note: We have just taken the most common shape of a brick. Bricks can have various different shapes such as cube, cuboid or trapezoid. Hence, students should not get confused and get the answer with the most common figure. Also, there can be variations in the dimensions of the brick according to the brick type you have chosen.