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Last updated date: 06th Dec 2023
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What is induced current ?

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Hint: First of all let us understand the meaning of induced current and its characteristics. Secondly how this induced current is produced. Then the third thing is the strength and direction of induced current.

Complete answer:
Induced current: It is the current that is induced in a conducting loop which is exposed to a changing magnetic field is known as induced current. Production of induced current is discussed with the help of following points.

When there is change in magnetic field and the conducting loop is exposed to this field there are several ways to produced induced current as:
-By changing the strength of the magnetic field.
-Moving the conductor in and out of the magnetic field.
-Altering the distance between magnet and the conducting loop.
-By changing the area of the loop in the stable magnetic field.
No matter whatever the changes we do we can obtain only one result that is induced current, is the same.

Now let us see the strength and direction of induced current. The strength of the current is proportional to the change of magnetic flux, and it is given by Faraday’s law of induction. The direction of the induced current is given by Lenz’s law. And that law says that an induced electric current will flow such that it generates a magnetic field that opposes the change in the field that generated it.

Note: Current produced in a conductor due to change in magnetic flux through the region is called induced current. Magnetic flux is said to be the product of the magnetic field and area of the cross section of the conducting loop. For example the current produced in a generator is called an induced current.