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What is an Eltonian pyramid?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Eltonian is a graphical portrayal intended to show the biomass or bio productivity at each subtropical level in surroundings. A pyramid shows how much vitality is held in biomass at each level, it is similar to other common ecological pyramids such as the trophic pyramid and the few food pyramids.

Complete answer:
It is a normal ecological pyramid with trophic levels in it
Each trophic level signifies productivity, energy, biomass which include groups of species dependent on each other for transfer of energy.
Its base consists of products which can include the sun, the tree with respect to the ecosystem taking into consideration.
It can be made with respect to the productivity of biomass with respect to number, energy transfer or food web simply.
It can be up straight, inverted, increase with trophic levels such as in tree ecosystem (number pyramid ) or decrease such as in grassland ecosystem (number pyramid)
Two types of practically identical biomass may have totally different life expectancies. Consequently, an immediate examination of their absolute biomasses is deluding, however, their efficiency is legitimately practically identical.

Note: Pyramids gives the comparative data between two ecosystems and tells us how healthy the ecosystem is by showing the energy restored and transfer in each level, it also tells how the one species is dependent on other level species for transfer of energy but with the data, it becomes difficult to place each level specific to their type of pyramid in a food web which can be the drawback of the pyramid ecosystem method.